The Finale!

Jun 21

Hé! Day 3 in Montreal was quite the adventure if I do say so myself.  I am starting to get use to people approaching me in French, then switching to English with no problem.  It seems as if everyone here is bilingual. My team started out at Chateau Ramezay which is a Historic site and museum of Montreal. This was a very interactive museum which actually...

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Day 2; Exploring and New Experiences!

Jun 19

Bonjour! I am starting to feel like a real tourist now!!! Today my global discovery team visited numerous locations all over Montreal. We all started out with complementary breakfast in our glorious hotel, then we hopped upon a double decker bus for a tour around the enormous city.  The tour guide and the bus driver were both very friendly men who were extremely...

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Day 1 Spartanburg – Philadelphia – Montreal

Jun 18

Today was GREAT! The 2014 Global Discovery team set off on a brand new adventure! Our first destination from Spartanburg was Philadelphia.  In Philadelphia, we had a brief layover so we enjoyed lunch (I, of course purchased my very first authentic Philly cheese steak) and we also exchanged our currency.  Our crumpled old American dollars were obtained in return...

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Pre-Departure Excitement

May 20

Hi, My name is D’Vashe’ Moore and I am a junior nursing student at the University of South Carolina Upstate.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to study abroad with my school free of all expenses.  This opportunity is available through the Global Discoveries program through International Studies.  I will be traveling to different places...

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May 15

Jon Storm, Ph.D.                Associate Professor of Biology University of South Carolina Upstate Natural Sciences & Engineering  Office: Smith Hall 223                   (864) 503-5753     My research focuses on small mammal ecology within urban greenways. I utilize capture-mark-recapture...

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