Hallo, Servus!


Hello my name is Chris and I am spending the semester (and hopefully the year) in Bavaria. With the help of the international studies office, the Hochschule in Landshut, and BMW Dingolfing I’ve managed to get an internship at BMW. From now until March 15th I’m staying with a wonderful family in a little village out in the Bavarian countryside called Reicheneibach.


They have shown me so much hospitality already and I can’t thank them enough!! If you stick your head out the window in the morning you can hear the cows. Everyone in Bavaria has been very welcoming, polite, and extremely helpful. This village is picturesque and extraordinarily quiet. I have really enjoyed it here. I’ve also been enjoying running in the afternoons taking in the fresh air when I get off work.

The first few days after I arrived I spent in Landshut. Landshut is a city of about 60,000 people. It is a neat city that I really enjoyed walking around in. St. Martins church has the tallest brick steeple in the world located in the center of the Altstadt (old city). I went inside but out of respect for the people praying I didn’t want to take any pictures. I spent the next few days trying to get paperwork done and wandering around the city in the snow. After a few days I moved over to Reicheneibach with the family I’ll be living with until March when dorms open up in Landshut.

It is all very exciting. I have no idea what the rest of the year has in store for me!