Reicheneibach at night…

Last Friday night the family I’m staying with was nice enough to take me out on the town in Reicheneibach. We walked across the icy road over to the local town hall where we witnessed an interesting game being played.

It was called Eisstockschießen. Basically you try to get the closest to a little round thing near the center of the playing surface. You slide this big heavy chunk of metal that looks a little like a chess pawn across a concrete floor or when it’s cold enough a frozen pond. I’m not sure of the exact rules.
Afterwards we walked down to the local pub and drank beer with the villagers. They where extremely friendly and where very fun to talk to. It was definitely authentic and lots of fun to hear all the farmers talking to each other in the native Bayerisch. I was amazed at how welcoming they where.
We stayed and talked for hours. It was not like going to a restaurant in the US where they try to get you in and out as fast as possible. You have time here to enjoy your meal with friends and socialize. There is a tradition around here where they pass around a giant liter mug and everyone at the table has a drink.They bought me a beer and eventually the Jägermeister was brought out. It is redicilous how much these Bavarians can drink. The currywurst was very good too.
Then at the pub they where playing some billiards game on a table from 1950s. The table had 6 or so holes in it I couldn’t tell. There was a piece of wood in the middle called the König that if you knocked over you lost all your points. I’m not sure exactly what it was called or how you play. I think the Bavarians made it up as they went.
It was really fun and I’m glad I am able to stay in this village. I feel like I’ve actually gotten to see Bavaria. The real Bavaria that most people don’t get to see. I am very thankful for the hospitality I’ve been shown both by the family and the villagers. I have definitely enjoyed myself so far.


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  1. I have been to Bavaria myself and I love how friendly they are. I also like the fact that when you go out for a meal you do not feel like you are on a time frame. You are right, those guys can drink!! Cheers!

  2. Thanks for the comments everyone! Just figured out that I actually have to approve them. First time I’ve ever done a blog.

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