Welcome to Stendal!

Hello all! It’s Brittney here. We have gotten all settled in here at the apartment and have been enjoying this beautiful city. Stendal is approximately 74 miles away from Berlin. Stendal was first recorded in the history books around the year 1022 as “Steinedal”. The city of Stendal is small. The city is small enough that we walk or bike everywhere we go. People do own cars here but the city is small enough to walk comfortably.
Our amazing guide Sally gave us a tour of the city. First she took us to the grocery store. It was very interesting to go to the store and not be able to read any of the packaging. We were able to buy a few things that we needed with sally’s help. Sally then gave us a guided tour of the city. Our hotel is located near the Uenglinger Tower. The tower was built in the 15th century and was part of the wall that surrounds the city. It is a great example of the architecture in the city. We wanted to walk into the tower but there was still snow on the steps so it is closed to the public at the moment. There is a really neat restaurant next the tower. It is the oldest restaurant in the city, they serve German food here.
 photo 096_zps1bbb3c14.jpg
 photo 095_zps2add8035.jpg
These are the stairs leading to the inside of the tower.
 photo 099_zpsb3453314.jpg
This is the old German restaurant.
We also went to the Tiergarden Zoo in Stendal. It is a nice zoo located close to the elementary school we will be teaching at. The zoo has quite a few animals. It was funny to see a raccoon at the zoo! It was a good reminder that our idea of “normal is so different from theirs. We looked at the monkeys, owls, and bears for about an hour and a half. The zoo has a great playground. I was so surprised to see a merry-go-round and a see saw. They also had tee pees for the children to play in. I had fun on this wooden toy. It leans back and forth with your weigh so you must keep your balance. They also has an in-ground trampoline. I have never seen anything like it! We had almost the whole zoo to ourselves because it was so cold but we had a nice time.
 photo 127_zpsb0a1dd5a.jpg
There are not a lot of plastic toys here. Most of the playground toys were made of wood as well.
 photo 129_zps462b536c.jpg
This is one of the owls at the zoo.
 photo 148_zpsf9174d2f.jpg
The baby goats at the zoo were adorable.  photo 151_zps41389d8a.jpg
This was one of the coolest playgrounds I have ever seen.
Sally then took us to the Hochschule. The Hochschule is the college that Sally attends. There are approximately 2,500 students that attend this school. There are three main buildings and a mensa (cafeteria) with a bar attached to it. Stendal is also home to a large train station and bus station. The Winckelmann museum is located in Stendal. It is a museum dedicated Johann Winkelmann who was a German art historian and archaeologist. The museum has a trojan horse which is the largest trojan horse in Europe. If you go inside the horse you can climb to the top and there is an amazing view of Stendal. We are hoping to visit the museum later in our trip.
 photo 104_zps64881472.jpg
 photo 103_zps6123ff80.jpg
We look forward to spending the rest of the month here and getting to know the city better.