Maymester 2012

Spend Maymester in the rich culture of Italy viewing original works of art and architecture from Etruscan and Roman civilizations to the birth of the Italian Renaissance. Live in shared flats in Milan and study with Professors at Universita’ IULM.

Classes are held M-TH at various cultural and historical sites in Milan and not in a classroom. Thursdays’ classes will usually end in the late afternoon and from Thursday afternoon-Sunday night students are free to travel as they please.

There will be one group travel weekend with three nights in Florence including a vineyard tour with wine tasting and traditional Tuscan dinner. The other weekends will be ‘free-choice,’ and you get to arrange your own plans and schedule!

Many students decide to travel in pairs or small groups. Past weekend excursions planned by students include visits to Venice, Siena, Rome and Pompeii. For the more adventures, even a quick trip to Spain or France or Germany is possible. The choice is yours!

Estimated Fee: $3,000 (based on 2010 program)

Fee includes: instruction, admission tickets to most of the required sites, international student ID card, insurance, shared apartment in Milan, an unlimited metro pass for Milan and one group meal.

Fee does not include: air travel, free-choice weekend travel (students may decide to save money by staying in Milan and exploring the city in greater depth), food and incidentals, and tuition.

  • Six hours college credit available
  • Financial aid may be applied to this program
  • Scholarships are available
  • Travel dates may vary slightly according to flights
  • Registration for credit is not a requirement
  • Alumni and members of the community are welcome (everyone must participate in the required activities)

Payment Schedule:
On or before Nov. 1 $100 non-refundable deposit (this assures you a spot and goes towards the $3,000 fee)
Dec. 5 $500
Jan. 16 $1,000
March 12 $ BALANCE

Tuition due dates and amounts are available on the cashier’s webpage for students planning on registering for credit.