We made it!

It sure was a long flight getting here, but we finally made it! We got here at about 9:00 here, which is 6 hours ahead of US time. Hannah (my roommate) and I were really tired so we took a nap for a few hours, showered in our extremely small shower that I hit my elbows on about five times, and we also we out to eat with the rest of our group and went to a supermarket. I had some kind of shaved lamb sandwich with fries for dinner, it was pretty good. I also got some orange Fanta to drink, but it was different from the US, it was more like carbonated orange juice. It was still good though. We went to some kind of bakery too and Brandon (another student on the trip) bought us some goodies. It rained here the whole day and even hailed a little and disrupted our nap! haha We have a really good view from our dorm, it’s of an old church. We are about to go ride the metro and see where it takes us, should be interesting. Italy is great so far!

About Laura Transue

I am a graphic design student at USC Upstate in Spartanburg, SC entering my senior year in college. I am spending Maymester abroad in Milan, Italy and I couldn't be more excited! Follow my blog to read about my adventures in Italy! You can view my photos from the trip here and my continuation album here.
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  1. Rochelle Transue says:

    Live my dream for me until I get there. Enjoy.

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