Getting here!

Its been a very long 4 days! Here’s what’s been going on in the life of HCSmith. . .

Friday: Hopped on a plane from GSP to Newark and chilled there for a good little while. While I was waiting on a few of my classmates to arrive at Newark I explored the airport ate some food and just chilled out for a little. 5:30pm rolls around and I’m expecting to meet up with the rest of the group, but there is no sign of anyone. I’m not worried at this point cause the flight didn’t leave till 6:30pm. Well around 5:45pm the plane is starting to board. I decide to wait for everyone else to get there and board with them. Well about 6:10pm rolls around and there is not a sole in sight! By then I worried. . . Last call for boarding the plane was called and I decide to board, however I had heard from a few people and they said there flight was a little behind but they were on there way!!!! So I checked in and explained to the ticketer what was up and the name of some of the people that were on there way and she said that they had a few minutes to get there. So I board the plane, and sit down and wait and wait and wait (what seemed like a good while, but was probably just 10 minutes lol), and finally I see some of my classmates. A sigh of relief came over me. I didn’t know what I was going to do if I had arrived in a new country all by myself knowing only maybe 5 italian words (I’m sure I would have survived, but I did not care to take that chance).

After a extremely long flight (about 8 hours) we arrived in Milan, Italy around 9:00am Saturday (Milan time / 3:00 am home time EST). There were 7 of us who arrived together and we ended up taking a big taxi from the airport to our apartment. This was such a lifesaver! I was tired and ready to shower, so taking a taxi saved us some time and hassle.

The apartments are really nice. Very clean and hot water so I can’t complain at all! Once I arrived here I took an epic nap! Then a bunch of us woke up and went exploring for some supper, however it being around 5:20pm or so not much was serving food yet. Now this is the one thing I haven’t got use to yet. Here in Italy they seem to eat at very different times then when I normally do. I’m kind of an old person when it comes to eating I like to eat supper pretty early like we’re talking 5:30. haha. However here places don’t even really open till 6 pm. Nevertheless, we roamed around and then roamed around some more, in the rain, and finally found a place to eat around 5:45. I decided to wait till 6:00 to order pizza. Boy did I make a good decision to wait! That was some great pizza. After that we explored a little more and came back to the apartments and chilled. Then the untiled leader of our pack, Brandon, made us go out to Navigli. As tired as I was and as much as I didn’t want to go Brandon sucker’d me and everybody else into it. And I’m very glad I went. Navigli is this place, about 4 bus stops from the apartment, on a canal with lots of shops, bars, places to eat, and gelato! Once we asked around and figured out how to get to Navigli (thanks to Brandon’s first language being Spanish, which is pretty similar to Italian) we walked up-and-down and up-and-down the canal! It was a great first night. Once we came back to the apartments I passed out for the night.

Sunday we woke up and the few of us that were here went to the supermarket and got some groceries and things, and brought everything back to the apartment and put away. Then we headed off to learn how the metro (subway) works here. On our way there we happen to run into the four other girls that are in the class with us. Then we got on the metro to the train station. A the train station we go our tickets to go to Florence for this weekend! Then we checked out the Domuo and shopped a little. And we finished off the night back at the Navigli for a group supper!

So after a long weekend of lots of adventure we had our first day of class today! I can get use to this kind of class. We went to the school and meet the instructor and went over a few basic things about how classes are and what not and then we went out and explored!!!

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  1. Rachel Snow says:

    Fun post! Thanks! I am so glad we made that flight too!

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