Welcome to Italy

I cannot believe after anticipating this trip-I am finally here!  Italy has already been an amazing experience. I have discovered new places, I am learning how different the culture is, intimidated by my lack of understanding of the Italian language, amazed by the art, and learning so much about myself. Have I really only been here a little over 48 hours?  One thing I know for certain is I am so blessed to have this opportunity of a lifetime.

It has been very exciting the past two days. We went to the Tortona district to see a church on Monday. On Tuesday we went to see the Last Super, Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and San Maurizio al Monastero. One of my very favorites was The Last Supper because it was amazing learning about the techniques of painting. I am learning so much history and about many different artists. I was captivated by Leonardo Divinci’s exhibition, which was shown for the first time. I am in awe of the different sketches and the complexity of his work. He was such an incredible inventor, scientist, mathematician, and artist. Going into the churches and seeing the different time periods of the Renaissance vs. the Gothic time period was amazing.  The difference is like day and night. It is so interesting seeing the paintings and listening to stories done during that time period.

I know this journal entry must sound spastic but to say the least I am OVERWHELMED!  I am probably a still a little Jet Lagged as well.  I wish everyone could see a little of what I have seen so far and you would understand.  I am going to rest my feet and hopefully get a good night sleep!  I cannot wait to see what tomorrow has in store for me.  Buonanotte (Goodnight)!

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I am a Special Education Major student at USC Upstate entering my junior year. I love the outdoors, adventure but honestly enjoy life no matter where I am or what I am doing. I am so blessed to spend Maymester in Milan, Italy where I want to experience the culture, art, food and beautiful countryside. Follow my blog and facebook to see my adventures! http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150817221657336.407876.674417335&type=3
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  1. Rachel Snow says:

    Glad you are really open to the experiences we are having!

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