…And Class Hadn’t Even Started Yet

Already, within the past week, this trip has been so much more than I could have ever imagined it being, and we haven’t even left the city yet. This trip was my first time to an airport, and it was an adventure to say the least. Ashley, Brandon and I almost missed our flight from Newark to Milan. Thankfully, we didn’t because we definitely did not have a plan B. Trying to sleep on the plane was a disaster but not being able to sleep allowed me to see beautiful things from 35000 feet up. We flew over parts of Canada and Newfoundland, which looked beautiful when they were lit up at night. Then, after a fitful few hours of trying to sleep, I woke up to the sight of the Alps going by below us. I think that was when where I was really hit me. Not long after that, those unique terracotta type roofs started to come into view. The weather upon arrival was sort of dreary, but I appreciated the fact that it was perfect sleeping weather. I had some trouble trying to get cash from the ATM once we got to Malpensa, but I was able to resolve it once I realized it was my fault and not my bank’s. We really lucked out when we found a driver willing to take us all the way to our dorm.  When we got to the dorm, I felt like it took forever to get checked in, simply because we were all so exhausted.  When I get to a new place, it helps me to settle in by unpacking everything and getting totally organized. By the time I’d done that, it didn’t leave me a whole lot of time to recover from my jet lag. Regardless of that, by that evening, Brandon dragged all of us that were here out about town. We ended up eating dinner at this delicious Turkish restaurant. Most of us, myself included, had the lamb plate, and it was absolutely yummy, and just what I needed after all of that airplane food. After that, we explored a little further and discovered a supermarket. We didn’t buy anything, but we somewhat learned the layout of the store and the surrounding area.

That night, we ended up taking the bus, (and not paying) to Navigli, a canal section of Milan that’s full of life at night. As we walked we stumbled upon a beautiful church- the first we’d seen since arriving, and decided to go in. It was gorgeous, and we all took plenty of pictures. We walked up and down both sides of Navigli, searching for a bar, and during that time our group was both cat called at, and followed by a suspicious character. Ironically enough, we ended the night in the bar of the dorm where we all chatted about our majors and reflected on the exciting and life changing journey we knew we were about to take.

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