Arriving to Milan

I never fully felt the excitement of coming to Italy until I stepped outside of the airport in Milan, or Milano as the Italians refer to it. One good piece of advice I can give you if planning on visiting, learn the language as much as you can before you arrive. It definitely makes a difference. Describing Milan with words does not make justice, The majestic Duomo, the night life in Navigli, The shopping in Buenos Aires avenue and via Torino, the charming people willing to help you when you ask them for anything, the weather, THE FOOD ! I am in love with this place, I have been for almost a week now and I can assure that I could happily live here.

About Brandon L'opera

Graphic Design Major student, fascinated by art, by how we create our own happiness in the search of new experiences and knowledge. I see this study abroad as one of those concepts. I am happy to be here and to have the opportunity to share this experience with others. Follow my posts and experience with me this amazing trip to ITALY. Grazie !
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