World’s Largest Collection!

Can you say my feet hurt?? So far everyday we get done with class around lunch time, and the group goes exploring on our on. I honestly do not think I have ever walked as much as I have within the past three days. I must not complain though because so far I have seen the most beautiful places! Today we went to Biblioteca Ambrosiana and Basilica of Santa Maria Delle Grazie Milan. These two places were connected to one another and are in the center of the city. One is a library of original copies of early century books and the other is an art museum. Within the art museum is the world’s largest collection of Leonardo Da Vinci’s work. I must admit that I am not an art major but these paintings were impressive. It was a huge museum and it also was very well rounded. There were paintings dated back to hundreds of years and even to more recent ones. I thought that was very interesting because while walking through this museum, you could see how art changed from century to century. We learned several different things about each one and how they contributed to the time period that they were created in. The most interesting thing from the entire trip was at the end of the tour. When we were about to walk out we got to see real artist trying to restore one of the paintings. This painting was very large and there were 3 artists working on it. Over time, this painting had darkened and they were erasing or taking off the top layer. You could see some of the results of what they had already scrapped away. It was so neat to actually watch this in person because it gave us a better understanding of how artists restore things.

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