A taste from back home..

Today, I met the coolest person in Milan so far. We went to an artist’s studio in the city. When we first arrived the artist Lisa, immediately started speaking English. You could tell English was her first language and it is always a plus to meet someone who speaks the same language as you. We then sat down and she asked us if we wanted something to drink. A few people said water and then she preceded to say, “I have some tea!” Since we are from the south, all of our eyes lit up with excitement. Lisa began to tell us her story of where she came from and why she is now in Milan. Ironically, Lisa is from our area. She grew up in North Carolina and her mom now lives near Columbia, SC. I thought this was the neatest thing because I didn’t expect to meet someone here that is from South Carolina. Her artwork is unique and mostly deals with graphic designs. Many other studios that deal with all types of art, surrounds her studio. You can think of this as a rectangle community dealing with nothing but art. They have dancing, drama, architecture, ect. Luckily, Lisa took us around to each of the studios and explained what they do and how each one of them works. My favorite was the one that used recycled material to form unique art for children. At this studio we got to see two men making games for local schools. He was very excited to see us and he even showed us how all of the games worked. We even got to test them out and play around some. It is amazing how scraps of garbage or even recycled material can make so much! In my own classroom someday, I hope to make some of these toys for my children. The toys that we saw today were so cheap and easy to make. It definitely inspired me to rethink what I throw away because one day I could use my own things to create toys for children.

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