Wolf pack!

Holy cow! It’s been a crazy week! I have so much to tell. So I’ll start with Monday:

We got up Monday morning and went to IULM the university we are studying with here in Milan. When meet our teacher Giuliana and our student teacher Patricia. Then we headed out with Giuliana and visited out first church, located in the Tortona district! It was amazing and overwhelming to say the least!

Tuesday was the best and longest day of this week! We started out the day really early in the lobby and meet Patricia, the student teacher. From there she guided us to the place where Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” is held. The “Last Supper” was the MOST AMAZING thing I’ve ever in my entire life! The history and size of it is just beyond belief! Then after we saw that we went into the Church of Santa Maria dell Grazie. This church was amazing! There we were able to see the first part of the Leonardo’s Atlantic Code exhibition which included pages from his sketch books about “the bird” (the flying machine). After that we then went to the San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore. Holy cow! This church is entirely covered in fresco paintings! It was a almost too much to take in all at one time, nevertheless still amazing!
On Tuesday we broke for lunch, and along with my professor Snow, her husband Kevin, and Stephanie we ate at this great fresh local place. The food there was so authentic and fresh, I loved it and would love to go back!
After lunch the group met back up and explored the archeological museum! We all stayed there for a good while, and when we finished there Brandon, Laura, Stephanie, and I went off to the Triennale Design Museum in Milan. I was totally in my element there! I was a little nerd in there with all the typography that was there and just so many different design medias! I must admit it was my favorite museum so far! One of the current exhibits there was a contemporary photographer who seems very controversial, poking fun of Americans and also Corporate America. A must see!

Wednesday (only day 3 of class) we visited the second part of the Leonardo’s Atlantic Code exhibition at the Ambrosiana Library and Museum. There were more spectacular pages from Da Vinci’s sketchbooks including more sketches of “the bird” and also geometric shape studies. Also at the museum we were able to view a oil painting, possibly from one of Da Vinci’s assistants (or contractors-like), of the last supper being restored. This looked like a pain stakingly rewarding process! All the work that goes into restoring a painting is unbelievable! It was really a great thing to be able to experience and see in person. AND ALSO at the museum we saw the actually full size cartoon for the “School of Athens” by the Italian Renaissance artist Raphael. Words cannot describe how epic this is! So I will just leave it at that!
There were many other amazing pieces of art there that were just breath-taking, but just too much to go into detail. So after we left there we were done with “class” for the day and then pretty much roamed around little shops for a while and then went back to the apartments to rest our feet.

Thursday was another busy but GREAT day! We visited and toured the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan. This place truly inspired me. It is many art-related businesses and studios in a big complex. I might have to write an entire blog post just for this place because it could get really really long! So lets just say I’ll probably write another post about this because it has set a fire in me to return here to Milan and work at the Fabbrica (at least for a little while maybe)!
After the Fabbrica Brandon, Laura, and I along with Rachael and Kevin visited the largest cemetery I have ever could have imaged! It was gorgeous! I would like to go back because the short amount of time we spent there was not enough.

The reason we had a limited time there was because we had to catch our train to Florence! Where I am now with the rest of the wolf pack!

The group has seemed to become a little wolf pack! My wolf pack started with one on this journey, then could it be?, my wolf pack grew to 2! And then 11!!!

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