Adventure !

Not only we have a great program, but we have a great team. Everyone has bonded very well, we all have progressively adapted and overcome any situation. By the time the first group arrived to Milan, we already knew where to eat, where to get groceries at, how to ride the bus, and how to get to the closest most visited area, the canal of Navigli. In Navigli they have a combination of restaurants, Gelato shops, as well as bars, record stores etc. There is a big water canal that runs throughout the street and all the shops and stablishments sit on either side of the canal. Beautiful place, make sure you visit it when you get here.

We were so exited about our surroundings that it only took us a whole afternoon and some enthusiasm to get out on the street after a long flight and start the trip strong. Up until today we are strong and are definitely trying to keep it this way until the end of this adventure. A group of us decided to find a museum that showed up on our must do list  in Milan. We went to La Triennale di Milano Design Museum, and what a huge surprise we ran into. We, Hannah Smith, Laura Transue and myself, theoretically found a candy shop for graphic designers at this museum. Found the history of the most famous Italian logos for companies such as Pirelli along many others. We observed some of the most creative and innovative solutions, calligraphy techniques, billboard design, magazine and packaging design and most important, all made in Italy. I was amazed by a photography exhibition by Gerard Rancinan. I saw these amazing photographs, all divided into three categories; “Metamorphoses, Hypotheses and a wonderful world.” Rancinan is very contemporary, he takes problematics from our current world and amazingly puts them together in a photograph. Uses themes such as Leonardo Da vinci’s “The Last Supper” as I mentioned on one of my previous blogs, and puts representational items and people in them. He also has a representation of  St, Sebastian, etc. Really amazing things to do here, I highly recommend this Museum for anyone who is interested on this kind of art. And even if you are not, there are lots and lots to learn at this museum. I highly recommend it.

I also adventured on my own for the rest of the day, I managed to do some shopping, to grab dinner and to get a haircut, all by myself. I felt pretty good about it at the end of the day. I figured that being always in a group was good, but I wanted to experiment with how it would feel when you had no one to rely on but yourself. I sure had to stop and ask for directions but the experience was enriching, the more you ask or at least try to ask, the more you learn, the better your Italian gets, the more comfortable you feel about going around the city without worrying about getting lost or stuck.

About Brandon L'opera

Graphic Design Major student, fascinated by art, by how we create our own happiness in the search of new experiences and knowledge. I see this study abroad as one of those concepts. I am happy to be here and to have the opportunity to share this experience with others. Follow my posts and experience with me this amazing trip to ITALY. Grazie !
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