Florence for the Weekend

In my last blog, I talked a little about our weekend in Florence. Also in my last blog I left out a very important thing I visited! A cemetery! It was a massive cemetery. We walked around for an hour and still only saw half of it. It was not one of those scary kind of cemeteries that you normally see, but more of a sanctuary to all of the deceased. It is probably one of my favorite places we’ve visited on the trip so far. After the wine tour on Friday, Saturday we went to see the statue of David. It was so crazy how many people were there to see him. The room got packed out quick. I did not realize quite how big the statue was till I was merely an ant standing in front of it. You weren’t technically allowed to take pictures of it, but they didn’t really seem too strict on it because I saw so many people taking pictures. I couldn’t resist to snap a quick one myself…oops! I had to have proof I was there, right?

Saturday was a new day! We got to visit the markets a little more and even went into the food market where we could buy fresh food. Yum! Needless to say, our lunch was delicious. I finished buying the rest of my souvenirs for my family. We also visited a huge museum with tons of paintings and statues. I loved seeing the Birth of Venus painting because it was one that I have always seen and read about in books and it was amazing to see it in person.  This building also supported an amazing view of the canal. we got a lot of great pictures here. That night, our whole group went out on the town and had a lot of fun together. It was definitely a humorous and memorable experience for all of us.

Sunday, we didn’t do much. We waited in line to see the Duomo in Florence and it was windy and freezing. A few people popped out of line to go take a few minutes out of the wind and cold to go look at some nearby stores while the rest of us saved our spot. When it was finally our turn to go inside for a few minutes, the line, including our group, moved up and went inside without us. We were not too happy about that. Wallowing in our own self-pitty, we sat inside a coffee shop trying to convince ourselves that the Duomo ┬áprobably wasn’t that cool anyway even thought we knew it would be amazing if we were inside. As we walked out of the coffee shop, the line was really short and moved right on inside and we finally got to see the inside. It did not disappoint. For lunch we went to McDonald’s, it was interesting to see all of the changes to the menu to fit Italian cuisine. We hung out at the hotel for the rest of the day because it was cold and started to rain. We then took our train ride home for the night. It was so great to finally be back at our dorms in Milan! And so week two of class began!

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I am a graphic design student at USC Upstate in Spartanburg, SC entering my senior year in college. I am spending Maymester abroad in Milan, Italy and I couldn't be more excited! Follow my blog to read about my adventures in Italy! You can view my photos from the trip here and my continuation album here.
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