Kartell Museo-Opening my mind to Modern Art

Today was a very bittersweet day. It was our last day of class with Giuliani.  I cannot thank her enough for all of her time and most importantly patience.  She has been an awesome teacher and I will never forget her.  I need to stop because Italy is not a place to be sad! We had an amazing opportunity to visit a plastic museum. I was surprised at how many different ways the plastic was made. This type of plastic is used in a modern way by forming chairs, shelves, and children’s tables that are accessible for the public at a very expensive price.  I never thought it possible for me to have an appreciation for plastic but Italy is changing me everyday. Today was very interesting at the Kartell Museo.  We saw plastic in many different forms, shapes, and sizes. Our tour guide spoke English very well and therefore made the visit even more interesting. We were given the history of their company as well as how plastic has evolved. We were able the see the latest pieces of plastic that was made by Kartell. When I saw the plastic table for children and the different pieces that had storage compartments, I wanted this so badly for my future classroom at home. This piece of furniture could be a great way to store color utensils and books for the children, making my classroom more organized. The factory has so many different types of furniture that are in many modern everyday homes.  Although you can see many pictures on my facebook you can also take a look at this link to learn a little more about Kartell.  http://www.waitmag.com/senza-categoria/art-the-history-of-italian-design-kartell-museo.html   I am so excited about tomorrow.  We will get to meet our new teacher. I have heard wonderful things about her and how intelligent she is. I know that we will have a fun and fulfilled day with her and hope to gain another friendship with this new teacher. There is so much more to experience in Milan and so little time. I can’t wait to see what the next couple of weeks have in store for us.

Kartell Museo Pictures

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