Unique Day!

Today we met our new teacher Monica. Monica is a wonderful, knowledgeable women who loves art. You can tell this through her actions and by how much she knows. She is super friendly and “the gang” seemed to love her. Sometimes when meeting another person from a different country you have no idea what to expect, but I am so glad to have her around for the rest of the trip.
Unique is definitely the word I would use for today’s adventure. When we first arrived to the Marina Abramovich exhibition, we did not know what was going on. Monica started to tell us that we were actually going to perform art but we must sign a contract first. You should of seen the look on all of our faces. We looked at one another with this confused look because it sounded like we were signing our lives away! Usually when one has to sign a contract for something it means its pretty dangerous. Even though we were scared, of course we went ahead and signed the forms. The next part was trying to figure out what the forms wanted from us because it was all in Italian. The funny part was all of our forms were completely different. We didn’t know if our names went here or our addresses went there, so we just filled in some blanks. We then walked into the room where we had to put on these laboratory coats and listened to instructions. Even though we all were much calmer, you could tell that we still had absolutely NO clue what we were about to do. There was 12 of us so we split up into groups of 3 with 4 people. There was three stations throughout the whole experiment. One consisted of sitting down, another standing up and the last one laying down. Each was an uncomfortable place but that was the purpose of the experiment. I must say laying down was my favorite and I might of feel asleep… but only for a few minutes! Haha.
After the experiment, we walked over to the Duomo which is right in the middle of everything. This Cathedral is the biggest Cathedral that I have ever saw. I took pictures of it but I must say pictures do NO justice for this amazing art work. In some ways, you might think it looks like a rather large castle. Inside is tons and tons of art work such as pictures, paintings and sculptures. Everything within the Duomo has a symbolic meaning. For example, there are 52 columns inside of the building and there are also 52 weeks within a year. To me, these symbolic meanings are very neat because someone actually took the time to make this beautiful church and actually have thoughtful meaning behind it. Next, we got to go on top of the Duomo!!!!!! I wish everyone in the world could experience this view. On top, we could see over most of the city of Milan and even the mountains in the distance. The mountains were amazing and they surround almost half of the city. Being up there was so meaningful too. Immediately we all went our separate ways, picked a spot, sat down and just looked around. Honestly we were all so amazed that no one spoke. It felt great just sitting there with the wind blowing. It seemed as if we were on top of the world with no worries; just myself and the view around me.

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