Relaxing Weekend!

This weekend was full or relaxation. While most of the group had plans to several different places all over Italy, Ashley, Aubrey, Jo Catherine and myself decided to stay in for the most part.
On Thursday, everyone or “the gang” all went to eat at a Brazilian place. I know what you are thinking “eating at a Brazilian place in Italy.. What??” I know this sounds silly but when you have eaten Italian everyday for two weeks, you want to venture out and try something different. I am a picky eater so when we got there I was a little skeptical about the food because all  of the meat was roasting over a fire and it did not look like anything that I have ever seen before. Brandon told us, “trust me guys, it will be good.” I am so glad that we took his word because it was delicious. I am one of those people who likes to know what I am eating but when we were there, honestly, I didn’t want to know. Some of the meat looked a little crazy but it was all so yummy! If I would have known what it was, I most likely would NOT have eaten it.
Friday is what you could call a girls day out in the city! The four of us slept in until around 1:00pm before we decided to make any plans. 1:00 is very late to sleep in but when you have been getting up early everyday, you will sleep late any chance you get. After lunch we decided to go into the city and shop. I  know we have lived in Milan for two weeks but we really have not explored the city like we have wanted to. Usually when we are in the city it’s for class and not shopping. Milan is the fashion capital of the world and there are so many stores here, especially all of the major designer ones. I must say that I can’t afford anything, but it is really interesting to see all of these places. Our number one thing of the day was “window shopping.” Later that evening we cooked dinner back at our apartment and had a Disney movie marathon. This may sound lame but we enjoyed a day to ourselves.
After staying in, the next morning we wanted to go see Lake Como. Lake Como is a beautiful lake in Italy and it is only a cheap hour train ride away. Early Saturday morning we caught the 8:40 train and headed to the lake. Upon arriving we realized that it was going to be a cold and cloudy day. We walked around the lake for about two hours just admiring how beautiful it was. By this time, we were starting to get hungry for lunch. We stopped at this cart thing in the middle of the park and I got an Italian hot dog. This hot dog was on a big sub bun and the weenie was cut vertically down the middle. It was a little different than what I am used to but I thought it was great. We then took a small boat ride around the lake, which was freezing but pretty. Along the lake was the famous George Clooney’s vacation home. His house was huge, beautiful and of course lake front. After the boat ride, we all laid in the grass at the park and took a relaxing nap. The nap was definitely my favorite part of the day because the park was right in front of the lake and that breezy water sound put me right to sleep.

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