Bologna, Italy-Part 1

This week-end was one of the most anticipated week-ends of my trip to Italy. I went to visit a close friend of one of my friends. I really wanted to see what it was like to be in a real traditional Italian home. The week-end started out horrible. On Thursday afternoon I arrived at the train station to discover I had missed it. I know-How could I get the time mixed up! My brain just did not calculate to Italian time (Military time). It did not matter I was determined to meet my new Italian friend, Camilla in Bologna! It was a mess-I could not purchase the ticket with my credit card and speaking little Italian it took forever to get another ticket and took me four hours on a train that should have been 1 hour.

When I arrived in Bologna Camilla was amazing. Camilla’s friends were there also and treated me like royalty.  They were very intelligent and I enjoyed their conversation. It was such a warm and welcoming visit and an experience that I will never forget. She had dinner waiting on me. We had this delicious quiche, focaccia bread and bologna from Bologna. Then we ate this amazing spaghetti-honestly the best I have ever eaten!!  Then she served fruit salad which was so fresh and sweet. And last but not least we had a sweet Italian cake with apricots. I have never eaten so much delicious food in my life!

On Friday I went to Ferarra. Camilla had to work and gave me ideas about many places to visit. I walked to the center of the city, went into a couple of churches saw a lot of medieval things and an art gallery. I know I am going to miss the art when I get home because in Italy you are always surrounded by it.  Then I found a lovely park, walked around played on the children’s playground, and then took an hour nap by a statue.  It was an awesome park and gave me some much needed time to relax and I enjoyed the time alone.  I reflected on the past two weeks and how difficult it had been when no one speaks your language and you can’t read any of the signs.

Saturday was amazing although I felt so sorry for Camilla. She did a great job at translating but it takes a lot of brain power. We started out with a wonderful breakfast and had a latte. Then we went to the market, shopped, visited churches, and walked the streets of Bologna. Little did I know that I was about to have one of the best meals I have had in my lifetime!  We had a meat and cheese plate with marmalade and fried bread. Then we had tortellini from Bologna in chicken broth and then tortellini with a butter sauce and spinach. It ended with a shot of lemon cello.

To end the day we went to her parent’s house for dinner. Her family is WONDERFUL and we had another fabulous meal! They were very patient and understanding of me not knowing Italian. This was truly a wonderful two days!  I feel so lucky to have meet Camilla. I just wish I could speak Italian to talk to everyone.

My Friend Camilla!

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I am a Special Education Major student at USC Upstate entering my junior year. I love the outdoors, adventure but honestly enjoy life no matter where I am or what I am doing. I am so blessed to spend Maymester in Milan, Italy where I want to experience the culture, art, food and beautiful countryside. Follow my blog and facebook to see my adventures!
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