To good to be true..

Pinacoteca di Brera, the museum we went to today, was very overwhelming. When we first arrived I could already tell that it was somewhat of a big museum but I was definitely wrong. When walking into the entrance, I could already tell that this was much bigger than the ones we have seen so far. The first painting we saw was a fresco that had been moved from somewhere else into this museum. It was very interesting listening to Monica explain how they moved this huge chuck of wall without damaging it. There were tons of beautiful frescos that were restored but still very beautiful. Throughout the tour Monica explained every painting so well. This woman is unbelievable intelligent and you can tells she truly has a passion for art. It is amazing how she just walks up to any painting anywhere we go and can tell you everything about it. I have never seen anyone know as much about art as she does. In the middle of this museum there is an art laboratory surrounded by glass. Inside this laboratory is where “art scientists” take the damaged paintings are restore them. I’m not sure what the real name of these people are so I just like to call them art scientists. Haha!! It was very interesting to watch because so much work and thought goes into just one piece of work. Restoring art is kind of like performing surgery on a human being. First, you have to take an x-ray of it to see where most of the damage is at. Second, you have to change the lighting of it to also see where the color is distorted. Finally, the “art scientists” have to use special tools and scrap the bad film off or even lighten the color where it has darkened overtime.
After visiting the museum, we all came back to rest up and get ready for our night. Mostly everyone was going to the Opera but me, Ashley, Laura and Hannah decided that watching an Opera was not for us but we should go out on our own adventure. Since we have all been craving Japanese, that’s what we decided to go find. Close by, is a little town with all kinds of neat little shops and restaurants. Not to far into the town was a Japanese place!!! When we sat down it wasn’t a big shock that NOTHING on the menu was in English. (Side note- were pretty used to this by now) The little waitress came up to us and with noises and motions, she explained to us how it was all you could eat on the menu for 18 eruos. Laura and I decided not to do this because were picky eaters and hate sushi so we would stick to normal chicken and rice. Ashley and Hannah, on the other hand, wanted to eat tons of sushi. After two hours of eating sushi and ordering more.. Eating sushi and ordering more, we all were full and asked for our check. Again, our waitress used noises and motions to explain that they had to eat everything left on the table before we could leave. We knew this all you could eat thing was to good to be true. That was the catch, whatever you ordered you must eat before leaving. It was so funny watching these two shove down sushi, especially when we all were extremely full. No worries though, I helped out by putting some chicken into my purse and later throwing it away once we left. This night was fun and hilarious. I will definitely never forget that little lady or all of our “food babies” from how full we were!

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