Cool Skeletons!

Sant’Ambrogio is the name of the church that we saw today. This church is one of the most ancient churches in Milan. Originally, it was outside the city of Milan, but over the following centuries the city grew up around it. There are two towers that are built onto the church which symbolize division. When we entered the church, it seemed a little small but I was wrong. The church has little side rooms along the edge and another room below the sanctuary. In the bottom room, we saw the freakiest thing! Inside this sealed glass box was the ACTUAL skeletons of the saints. These skeletons were over one thousand years old! I must admit that I was a little freaked out at first but then again it was kind of cool to see this.
After the church we went to an art studio with Marina Abramovic’s new artwork. In one of my earlier blogs, I talked about us going  and actually performing some of her artwork. This time we did not have to perform anything but we did see her new things. Inside was very little art but that is how she wanted it to be. She wanted people to feel the empty space. There were several different models of waxed heads with crystals coming out of them. These were very interesting to look at. One interesting fact about these waxed heads is that they are ridiculously expensive. Just one could cost you about 130,000 euros! Upstairs she had pictures of herself that you could look at and create your own thoughts about it in your mind. I really do not understand the purpose of her work but it is very interesting to look at. She is extremely different in what she does but that is what makes her super interesting.
After class Stephanie, Hannah, Ashley, Lauran and I went on an adventure to find a place to eat that we have not eaten at yet. We walked the opposite way of the city because we wanted to find some true Italian cooking. Not searching long, we came across a pizza place. Two of them ordered pizza and us three ordered pasta. The great thing about most Italian restaurants is that they are all owned by one person and not in a chain of restaurants like American places. The food here was amazing, one pizza literally could of fed all 5 of us. I had so much pasta that I could not eat it all. I’m glad to say one of our last dinners together was great! After dinner we all ran by the super market to get last minute snacks before the weekend. Going to the market in Italy is quiet interesting. Every time we go, all 5 of us end up standing in the same isle around one item trying to translate it to see what it is. This is so funny and of course the Italians get mad because we take up the whole isle. The funniest part of my whole day was when we were checking out. Laura bought some wine for the weekend and when she went to check out she got carded. In America this is a normal thing but in Italy, you do not get asked for your ID unless you look under 16! Laura is 21 but got mistaken as a young girl. We all laughed so hard in the market, but I guess it’s a compliment for someone to think your 5 years younger. Haha!!!

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