Last week of class!

Our last week of class has come rather quickly. It seems like just yesterday that we were getting off the plane here in Milan and now it’s almost time to go back. This past week has been great, and I have learned so much from the places we have visited thanks to Monica and her great deal of knowledge.

Monday started out as a terrible day. I woke up to it raining, and not just a slight drizzle, but an absolute downpour. Hannah had to meet up with someone and give them something from the states, so we embarked in an adventure out in the rain. We were to meet the woman at 10, so we got up and got ready and took the metro to the stop we were supposed to meet her at. By this point, our jeans and shoes were already soaked from the rain. We walked into Bar Italiano where the woman told us to meet her. This was interesting because when we tried to order breakfast, we had to pay for it first and then get what we wanted. That sounds all good and fine, but we’re used to pointing at what we want and then paying for it, so this time we had to remember what we wanted and order it at the register. It wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be. I ordered a cream filled brioche, which is a croissant. It was delicious! We met up with the woman and gave her the books Hannah was supposed to give her and talked to her for a few minutes. It was interesting to see what brought her to Italy from the states. After meeting up, we took the metro back to our stop for the dorms and decided we needed to go to the grocery store since it was closed Sunday when we tried to go. The walk back to the grocery store was miserable. Since it had been raining so hard and so long, the puddles were rather high next to the curbs along the sidewalks. Our shoes became more and more wet as we got back to the dorms. Even though we were soaked, we were glad to have some food back in the kitchen to eat for lunch. Class started a little late Monday so we were able to get those things done before class. Class was very interesting to me Monday because we went to a contemporary art museum, and I always enjoy those. We also stopped for a gelato break during class at a place called Groom and it was the best gelato I’ve had, and believe me, I’ve tried a lot! We later went to a church and it was different than a lot of other churches we visited because it had a faux apse at the alter. The way it was made, looked like it extended backwards like a dome, but it was actually flat. I was amazed at the illusion it created.

Tuesday was a long, but short day at the same time. We started the day by going to the National Pinacoteca museum with a lot of old artworks. We spent about 2 and a half hours there going through all the important works because there were so many and the museum was very large. After the museum, we toured around the Academia, which is basically, and art school. We even walked in a few classes and ate lunch at their campus café. Their art school seemed a little more intense than the art classes at Upstate. Later that night, most of our group was going to the Opera. For the four of us who decided not to go to the Opera, we wanted to do something fun, so we decided to go out to eat. We went to a Japanese restaurant over by Navigli that we passed a hundred times.  Morgan and I are picky eaters, so we just ordered some teriyaki chicken and rice, while Hannah and Ashley like sushi, so they ordered a “no stop” meal, which was all-you-can-eat off of a certain menu for only 18 euro! It was a great deal for them, especially since they like sushi. My teriyaki chicken was some of the best I had ever had. I took my turn ordering a few little things off of Hannah’s all-you-can-eat menu and tried some fried chicken, which was also delicious. We waited for our check for a while and it never came. These people did not speak a word of English so it was a little hard to communicate with them. They finally brought us fruit for desert and the server told Hannah and Ashley they had to eat all of their sushi or they would have to pay extra for it. Unaware of this at the time of ordering, they had not planned to eat everything. They were already stuffed and had to scarf down all the rest of their sushi. We couldn’t help but laugh at the whole situation. Morgan was stuffing food in her purse while Hannah and Ashley continued to eat their sushi rolls and squish some other ones under two plates. We had such a great time together at dinner, and it was probably one of the highlights of my trip.

Wednesday, Brandon and I embarked on an adventure to find a post office. We walked 15 minutes over by our metro stop to a place we thought was a post office, and when we went inside, we got crazy looks when we asked for stamps. Luckily the one guy that worked there knew a little English and pointed us in the direction of a post office. We had to ask a few people for directions along the way to find it, and once we did, it was literally 5 minutes from our dorms. We made a complete circle from when we left our dorms. We walked inside and had to get a ticket like the old’en days at the deli counter. When our number finally came up, we tried to explain to the woman that we needed stamps. We finally figured it our, and when I mean “we” I mean Brandon haha. So long story short, my post cards are FINALLY in the mail! Yay! After our little adventure, we went back and ate lunch in about five minutes before we left for class. We went to a church to start out our day of class. After visiting the church we went to another part of Marina Abramovic’s exhibition. The day of class went by rather quickly.

Thursday was our last day of class. I still can’t believe how quickly it came. For our last day of class we went to the Sforza Castle and museums. The castle was huge and the museums were also large and had a great collection of artworks. My favorite part of the museum was the ceilings in the different rooms. They were always so decorative and detailed. After class, Hannah and I did a little more souvenir shopping around before heading back to the dorms. The rest of the night was spent cooking dinner, working on my booklet for credit for this course, and getting ready for our weekend plans, Rome! I am very excited to go to Rome and can’t wait to share my experiences and pictures from my visit!

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