All Good Things Come to an End

It finally came! Our trip to Rome! I think Rome was officially my favorite city of all that I have visited in Italy. Hannah, Ashley, Brandon, and I were back in action again and were ready to explore the city of Rome! Our hotel was located about 10 minutes from the Trevi fountain, which served a perfect location for all the places we wanted to visit. We checked into our hotel when we got there and then headed for some food. We found a little café to eat at and ordered some pizza. After eating, we headed to the Coliseum. We bought the “Roma Pass” at the metro station, which was probably the best decision of our trip. This pass got us into the Coliseum with no wait what-so-ever! It was unbelievable. The “Roma Pass” included two free entries to participating sites, with skip-the-line passes, discounts to other sites, and even a metro pass which was good for three days. I was so excited to go to the Coliseum because it was the number one thing that I wanted to see while I was in Italy. I think I had a slight panic attack when we entered because I was so excited. It was everything I had imagined and more, but it was so amazing to see it in person! We walked around the Coliseum for a while and took many pictures and then walked over to the Roman Forum, which was also pretty amazing. We also visited the Trevi Fountain and threw a coin in for a wish and good luck to return to Rome. Our last site for the day was the Spanish Stairs. After walking around all day, we decided we were hungry and wanted to go eat. We stopped at this sandwich/pizza shop, which apparently turned into a bar at night. We saw some pretty interesting things while we were there eating and enjoying a few drinks.

Saturday was our second and last day in Rome. Our plan for the day was to go to Vatican City all day and see everything they had there. As we walk in, there is music playing in this huge plaza with people singing, clapping, and waving flags and balloons and getting excited. We took some pictures and checked everything out a little and had no idea what was going on. We started thinking that maybe the Pope would be here and that’s why all the people were around. Sure enough, this Pope himself comes strolling into the plaza on a cart. It was pretty awesome. After that, we headed to the Vatican museum where we saw “The School of Athens”. The museum leads to the Sistine Chapel where there were also many famous art works. It was so amazing to see this in person, because it was another one of those places that I had only seen in books before. After visiting all these places, we got back on our train to head back to Milan.

Sunday was a “chill day”. Hannah and I slept till noon and went out to Navigli to check out an antique market. I bought a few more souvenirs there and it was amazing to see all the unique antiques. We headed over to the Duomo Square to find that there was some kind of bicycle race. We joked that it was probably the Tour de Italy haha. It was cool to see all the fans getting pumped up. It reminded me of marathons and got me thinking that I really need to do one soon! We headed back to the dorms and I finished my booklet and we made dinner and packed for our long trip home the next day.

This has been such an unforgettable trip and I have had the most amazing time while being here in Italy. My favorite part of the trip would definitely have t be my trip to Rome. Thinking of Italy, the first thought that comes to mind is the Colosseum. Maybe it’s the athlete in me, but I have always wanted to see that. It was the most amazing place I had ever seen. I can imagine all of the excitement that went on in that place. All of the architecture in Rome was simply breathtaking and so detailed. I could go back there ten times and still be just as amazed. The town had a friendly feel of Florence, but the bustling feel of Milan, which I loved the mix of.

“All good things come to an end.” That is definitely true for this trip. I have had such an amazing time while being here in Italy and it’s not just because of all of the great places I have visited or all of the great pieces of artwork I saw, but mostly because of the people on the trip. I feel like the small group of nine students is somewhat of a small family. We each had each others’ back to make sure everyone was safe, and having a great time as well. I want to think the whole group of 8 other students who were on the trip with me for everything they have done. I have gotten to know each and every one of you on such a personal level and I am so glad we had this opportunity. I would especially like to thank my roomie, Hannah for making sure I didn’t get lost/kidnapped throughout the whole trip because I would have been lost every day without her. Thanks to Brandon for putting up with all 8 of us girls every day and being the “Dad” of the group and always making sure us girls were safe at all times. A HUGE thanks goes to Giuliana, Monica, Rachel Snow and her husband Kevin for educating the whole group and to also help us with any other daily questions/troubles we had. Most of all, I would like to thank my parents for making this whole trip possible, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I am glad I got to take. How many people can say they went to Italy for a month and see all of the things I have seen. Deciding to go on this trip is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Maybe my coin in the Trevi fountain will bring me luck and I’ll be back in Italy again someday.


p.s. Things I’ll miss about Italy:

1. Gelato (everyday)
2. My Italian family/professors (Thanks again to everyone)
3. Seeing beautiful architecture everyday everywhere
4. Awesome pizza and pasta (Let’s just say I taste-tested alot)
5. Nutella, EVERYWHERE haha (mostly in my room because Hannah was obsessed)
6. Public transportation (saves you money on gas and better for the environment!)
7. Having access to amazing museums filled with famous works of art
8. Not being able to understand people (It’s a good and bad thing haha sometimes you don’t want to know what people are saying)
9. Watching mopeds driving around like crazy and beeping at you when you don’t cross the street fast enough haha
10. And laughing at all the tiny cars that park where ever the heck they feel like parking!

OH! And don’t forget to check out my photos on Facebook from Rome this weekend! The link is in my about me right under this blog post.

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