Last week of class!

Sorry this took a few days to get to its been a very busy week!

Monday was not the best of days for me. It rained all day and I am just not a fan of rain at al! However, the contemporary art museum we visited was extremely impressive! I really loved it! It was probably my favorite museums we went to this entire time. After that we got some great gelato then headed to visit another church!

Tuesday was a lot better because it was sunny outside and warm. We visited the Accademia. This place was so cool. Its a “college” campus. They have a really nice and really big museum. It was amazing to see a campus for art students with so much history at their disposal. We stayed and visited this place for a while and even ate lunch on their campus.

Wednesday the Sant’Ambrogio church. I enjoyed touring this church because of all its history that Monica was telling us about. After that we saw the second part of Marina Abramovic exhibit. Everyone should look up her work it is truly amazing.

Thursday was a bittersweet day. It was our last day of class. We visited the castle. Gah! This place was huge! and spectacular! We visited 3 museums here. It made for a long day but it was worth seeing everything there and experiencing it!

Overall the best trip of my life!

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