Last weekend in Italy spent in ROME! / What I’ve learned

Sadly this was my last weekend in Italy. So we spent it the best way possible in ROME!

Friday morning Laura, Brandon, Ashley R., and I got up early and hopped on a train headed to Rome. When we bought our tickets we decided to take the slow train because the price was SOOO much cheaper. Well the slow train took 6 hours to get us there but it really wasn’t that bad. We had plenty of leg room and we all chatted for a while and took naps.

We arrived in Rome around 1:30 or so and headed straight to the hotel to check in and drop off our luggage. The hotel was great! It was in the perfect place near the Spanish steps and the Trevi Fountain! After dropping off our stuff we headed out and grabbed a bite to eat then got on the metro going toward the Colosseum! We took good ol’ Rick’s advise and got the ROMA PASS! Best decision ever!

The Roma Pass let us completely skip the line at the Colosseum. And boy was it worth it! The Colosseum is so much more amazing in person than in pictures! There is nothing in this world like it! It is so ginormous! Words truly cannot describe hope epic it was to see!

After that we saw the Arch of Constantine. I just can’t comprehend how the Roman’s built all of this stuff! Everything is just so massive! Including the remains in the Roman Forum where we went next. I could have spent an entire day there! Its so big and had great views of the city! However, daylight was waning and we had more to see so we moved forward on our journey!

Next stop the Pantheon! But first gelato time! Sadly gelato time took just a few minutes too long and we arrived 20 minutes after they closed. lol. No worries though. We still got to see the outside and all of its amazingness!

From there we decided we should start heading back towards our hotel and stop by the Trevi Fountain on the way. We made our way to the fountain with no problem (actually making it around Rome was pretty simple). However, once we arrived at the fountain there was 10million people there! Well maybe not that many but it felt like it! BUT we did get our picture there and made a wish. Then had some extra time so we dropped by the Spanish steps!

The next day we headed to the Vatican! Nun watch was on there! When we arrived we just happened to see the Pope himself! It was pretty cool I must admit! Then we headed into the Museum and made a bee line for the Sistine Chapel! Holy cow that first of all there were tons of people. Second of all that place what so big! and Completely covered! Its a lot different from what I expected but so much better than I could have ever imaged! Then we made another bee-line to the “School of Athens” (mind you we had to go all the way back through the museum to get to it because it was the one part we had skipped over. Which makes for a rather funny story).

Finally we grabbed a bite to eat and headed back to Milan, on another slow train. But we had a lot of fun on the train. Really got to know each other and talked about our trip and all the fun we had and just about everything.

I think this entire trip has been just amazing! We have seen so much and done so much! At times it was overwhelming but well worth it! I wouldn’t have changed a thing! I had a great roommate and group. All the sights we saw were well worth all the walking we did. And most of all the Nutella! That might have been my favorite part of the trip! haha just kidding. but really the Nutella is better over here!

I was pretty much forced to come by my fiancĂ© who took this trip with Rachael Snow and a group two years before this, and I am ever so glad I came. It really has changed my life! I look at the world a lot differently now. I am excited and want to learn a new language now. whereas before I just took class and never really cared about being able to actually speak another language. I want to travel so much more now and see the world! I have so much more respect for a lot of things and I really appreciate things in America (especially where I’m from in South Carolina) that we take for granted like tap water. lol.

I highly recommend everyone to taking a trip abroad! Especially for art students to travel to Italy! I have seen so much historical art and also a lot of contemporary art that has really inspired me as an artist! And I’ve already made contacts over here that will hopefully help in my future career! Do it!

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