Great times, Good people & Lifelong memories!

It’s hard to believe today is the last day! Italy for me, has been very life changing. If I had never came, I wouldn’t have made life long friendships with my group. We had 9 people that came on this trip and now this people are called my “Italian Family”. Its crazy how 9 strangers came together and now are so close. We all share something special that we will ALL remember for the rest of our lives. At times we would have little fusses but we always had each others back and looked out for one another. Getting around Europe was extremely difficult at times but also very easy at others. Surprisingly, there are tons of English speakers and also several Americans.  This world is so big but it quickly becomes  small when you run into people from Clemson! Sounds crazy I know, but it really did happen. Living in the big city of Milan taught us all several things. I learned to always carry your metro pass because without it, you can not get around the city. Second, your in ITALY so don’t let little problems get to you because your only here for a short amount of time.. Live it up! Third, don’t let the fact that your feet hurt or being tired get in the way of stopping you from going out and exploring on your on because remember, 3 weeks fly by!
Our Italian teachers were absolutely amazing at their jobs. These two women seemed as if they knew everything in the world. You could ask them almost anything about a piece of artwork and they could tell you everything. They were both interesting at all times and seemed to truly care about us. In the down time from walking to site to site, they would sometimes have personal conversations to try to get to know you better. My favorite adventure with them was when we all went on top of the Duomo in Milan. When you reach this top you get this feeling of amazement that only you can experience. Our group was very lucky to have Monica and Juliana. Without them I would not appreciate art as much as I do now.
Overall this experience was amazing. I honestly could type for days and tell you how much I learned or how much fun we had. Now that we are all going our separate ways I look back and have no regrets. We all have learned so much about art and about ourselves. I learned how to push myself when needed to be pushed, help others out in time of need, never get angry or mad because this is your family while you’re here, stay positive, always smile and last but not least is.. Have fun because this is a trip you will never forget!


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