Cool Skeletons!

Sant’Ambrogio is the name of the church that we saw today. This church is one of the most ancient churches in Milan. Originally, it was outside the city of Milan, but over the following centuries the city grew up around it. There are two towers that are built onto the church which symbolize division. When we entered the church, it seemed a little small but I was wrong. The church has little side rooms along the edge and another room below the sanctuary. In the bottom room, we saw the freakiest thing! Inside this sealed glass box was the ACTUAL skeletons of the saints. These skeletons were over one thousand years old! I must admit that I was a little freaked out at first but then again it was kind of cool to see this.
After the church we went to an art studio with Marina Abramovic’s new artwork. In one of my earlier blogs, I talked about us going  and actually performing some of her artwork. This time we did not have to perform anything but we did see her new things. Inside was very little art but that is how she wanted it to be. She wanted people to feel the empty space. There were several different models of waxed heads with crystals coming out of them. These were very interesting to look at. One interesting fact about these waxed heads is that they are ridiculously expensive. Just one could cost you about 130,000 euros! Upstairs she had pictures of herself that you could look at and create your own thoughts about it in your mind. I really do not understand the purpose of her work but it is very interesting to look at. She is extremely different in what she does but that is what makes her super interesting.
After class Stephanie, Hannah, Ashley, Lauran and I went on an adventure to find a place to eat that we have not eaten at yet. We walked the opposite way of the city because we wanted to find some true Italian cooking. Not searching long, we came across a pizza place. Two of them ordered pizza and us three ordered pasta. The great thing about most Italian restaurants is that they are all owned by one person and not in a chain of restaurants like American places. The food here was amazing, one pizza literally could of fed all 5 of us. I had so much pasta that I could not eat it all. I’m glad to say one of our last dinners together was great! After dinner we all ran by the super market to get last minute snacks before the weekend. Going to the market in Italy is quiet interesting. Every time we go, all 5 of us end up standing in the same isle around one item trying to translate it to see what it is. This is so funny and of course the Italians get mad because we take up the whole isle. The funniest part of my whole day was when we were checking out. Laura bought some wine for the weekend and when she went to check out she got carded. In America this is a normal thing but in Italy, you do not get asked for your ID unless you look under 16! Laura is 21 but got mistaken as a young girl. We all laughed so hard in the market, but I guess it’s a compliment for someone to think your 5 years younger. Haha!!!

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Bologna, Italy-Part 2

I have not written or blogged about the earthquake on Sunday, May 20, 2012 until now. This was a terrifying experience for me that will stay with me forever. During the earthquake I was with a non-speaking English family. When the first earthquake occurred, I was half asleep and thought it was a train right beside my Italian friend, Camilla’s apartment. ( We were actually at her parents house right outside of Bologna) It was then that I was startled awake by Camilla who was in severe panic and got me out of bed. All the family rushed into the common room until the earthquake ended. Camilla started having a panic attack and was gasping for air. I was comforting her still not knowing really what was going wrong. She was unable to translate for me because she was so shocked. I sat calmly with her family on the couch as her mother wrapped a blanket around me. I felt so comforted by her family and was touched by their attempts to keep me feeling safe. We then experienced the first aftershock of the earthquake and we sat silently looking at each other watching everything rattle. It was not as bad as the first earthquake so we were not as frighten but we were still very shaken. We turned on the TV to watch the news to see where the earthquake started and what kind of damage had been done. I feel lucky to have been in Ferrara the day before the earthquake and got a really good picture of the castle before the severe damage was done from the earthquake. Camilla said she felt the first earthquake at 1:00 which lead up to the biggest one at 4: 00. We waited an hour after the first aftershock and went to bed to then experience another aftershock. This made me very nervous and I was unable to fall asleep again. My heart was racing all night but I kept as still as I could incase there was another big earthquake. I still felt the ground shaking and rocking back and forth. I had messaged everyone in my Study Abroad and found out everyone was sleeping and safe. Although I was scared this made me feel at peace knowing all my friends were safe.

We were very scared the next day but we carried on with our plans. Camilla and I went to her Catholic Church to find everyone talking about the earthquake and their reactions. Later Camilla’s mother, Camilla, and I went to Verona, the home of Romeo and Juliet, which was absolutely beautiful. We had an amazing day because her mother went to school in Verona and she took us to the secret places and the museums. Camilla’s Dad called us while we were in Verona to tell us there was another aftershock. He sounded very nervous and scared but we still went on with our day and tried to think positive. As we were leaving her parents house to get to Bologna, Camilla was crying because she was scared to go back to her home where it was unsafe. We found out the police came to Camilla’s apartment to tell them it was unsafe and she had nowhere to go close to Bologna.

It didn’t hit me how scared I was until we got to the town of Bologna where we found rescue squads and ambulances everywhere. My train was delayed 70 plus minutes, so I decided to get on the quickest train to Milan which was leaving without a delay. Even though it took me 3 hours to get home I was happy to get out of the shaking city of Bologna. When I arrived back to Milan my friends, Morgan, Ashley, Aubrey, Hannah, and Laura were at the metro to greet me with a huge welcoming. This was the first time I actually broke down.  We walked back together in the rain as they held me and talked about my experiences of that weekend. I cannot begin to say how much I treasure my  friends who had my back when I made it home.


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Pictures for “to good to be true”


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To good to be true..

Pinacoteca di Brera, the museum we went to today, was very overwhelming. When we first arrived I could already tell that it was somewhat of a big museum but I was definitely wrong. When walking into the entrance, I could already tell that this was much bigger than the ones we have seen so far. The first painting we saw was a fresco that had been moved from somewhere else into this museum. It was very interesting listening to Monica explain how they moved this huge chuck of wall without damaging it. There were tons of beautiful frescos that were restored but still very beautiful. Throughout the tour Monica explained every painting so well. This woman is unbelievable intelligent and you can tells she truly has a passion for art. It is amazing how she just walks up to any painting anywhere we go and can tell you everything about it. I have never seen anyone know as much about art as she does. In the middle of this museum there is an art laboratory surrounded by glass. Inside this laboratory is where “art scientists” take the damaged paintings are restore them. I’m not sure what the real name of these people are so I just like to call them art scientists. Haha!! It was very interesting to watch because so much work and thought goes into just one piece of work. Restoring art is kind of like performing surgery on a human being. First, you have to take an x-ray of it to see where most of the damage is at. Second, you have to change the lighting of it to also see where the color is distorted. Finally, the “art scientists” have to use special tools and scrap the bad film off or even lighten the color where it has darkened overtime.
After visiting the museum, we all came back to rest up and get ready for our night. Mostly everyone was going to the Opera but me, Ashley, Laura and Hannah decided that watching an Opera was not for us but we should go out on our own adventure. Since we have all been craving Japanese, that’s what we decided to go find. Close by, is a little town with all kinds of neat little shops and restaurants. Not to far into the town was a Japanese place!!! When we sat down it wasn’t a big shock that NOTHING on the menu was in English. (Side note- were pretty used to this by now) The little waitress came up to us and with noises and motions, she explained to us how it was all you could eat on the menu for 18 eruos. Laura and I decided not to do this because were picky eaters and hate sushi so we would stick to normal chicken and rice. Ashley and Hannah, on the other hand, wanted to eat tons of sushi. After two hours of eating sushi and ordering more.. Eating sushi and ordering more, we all were full and asked for our check. Again, our waitress used noises and motions to explain that they had to eat everything left on the table before we could leave. We knew this all you could eat thing was to good to be true. That was the catch, whatever you ordered you must eat before leaving. It was so funny watching these two shove down sushi, especially when we all were extremely full. No worries though, I helped out by putting some chicken into my purse and later throwing it away once we left. This night was fun and hilarious. I will definitely never forget that little lady or all of our “food babies” from how full we were!

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Bologna, Italy-Part 1

This week-end was one of the most anticipated week-ends of my trip to Italy. I went to visit a close friend of one of my friends. I really wanted to see what it was like to be in a real traditional Italian home. The week-end started out horrible. On Thursday afternoon I arrived at the train station to discover I had missed it. I know-How could I get the time mixed up! My brain just did not calculate to Italian time (Military time). It did not matter I was determined to meet my new Italian friend, Camilla in Bologna! It was a mess-I could not purchase the ticket with my credit card and speaking little Italian it took forever to get another ticket and took me four hours on a train that should have been 1 hour.

When I arrived in Bologna Camilla was amazing. Camilla’s friends were there also and treated me like royalty.  They were very intelligent and I enjoyed their conversation. It was such a warm and welcoming visit and an experience that I will never forget. She had dinner waiting on me. We had this delicious quiche, focaccia bread and bologna from Bologna. Then we ate this amazing spaghetti-honestly the best I have ever eaten!!  Then she served fruit salad which was so fresh and sweet. And last but not least we had a sweet Italian cake with apricots. I have never eaten so much delicious food in my life!

On Friday I went to Ferarra. Camilla had to work and gave me ideas about many places to visit. I walked to the center of the city, went into a couple of churches saw a lot of medieval things and an art gallery. I know I am going to miss the art when I get home because in Italy you are always surrounded by it.  Then I found a lovely park, walked around played on the children’s playground, and then took an hour nap by a statue.  It was an awesome park and gave me some much needed time to relax and I enjoyed the time alone.  I reflected on the past two weeks and how difficult it had been when no one speaks your language and you can’t read any of the signs.

Saturday was amazing although I felt so sorry for Camilla. She did a great job at translating but it takes a lot of brain power. We started out with a wonderful breakfast and had a latte. Then we went to the market, shopped, visited churches, and walked the streets of Bologna. Little did I know that I was about to have one of the best meals I have had in my lifetime!  We had a meat and cheese plate with marmalade and fried bread. Then we had tortellini from Bologna in chicken broth and then tortellini with a butter sauce and spinach. It ended with a shot of lemon cello.

To end the day we went to her parent’s house for dinner. Her family is WONDERFUL and we had another fabulous meal! They were very patient and understanding of me not knowing Italian. This was truly a wonderful two days!  I feel so lucky to have meet Camilla. I just wish I could speak Italian to talk to everyone.

My Friend Camilla!

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Earthquake Strikes Italy!

On Sunday morning when I woke up I saw an unread message from Justin, one of my friends from back home.  The message read, “Hey Morgan, I’m up just checking on you! I saw in the news where a big earthquake just hit about a hundred miles from you! My heart dropped when I saw there was a big earthquake in Italy just now! Message me and let me know your okay.” Immediately I messaged him back letting him know that I was fine and that I did not even feel the earthquake. Curious about everything, I googled earthquake in Italy and all of these results started to show up.
One headline read, “Earthquake strikes Italy near Bologna.” When I read the words near Bologna, my heart dropped. Bologna is where my roommate Stephanie traveled alone to this past weekend to visit her friend. Since we are in another country I do not have my phone so there was no way I could call her. I ran to my other friends rooms who are also American to see if they could call her. Luckily, Hannah has a phone, so I asked her to call Stephanie. As Hannah pulled out her phone she had a unread message from Stephanie that said, “Hey guys, are you all okay?” After reading that I already felt better because that meant Stephanie was okay or she would not of texted us. Hannah texted her back saying that we are fine and that we hoped she was too.
Later on that evening around 8:00 PM I was starting to worry when or even if Stephanie was going to come home that night. This earthquake was a very big and where Steph was at, was very chaotic. Since it was so big, I knew that all of the trains would either be delayed or just not running, depending on how much it affected the tracks. We then texted her to see what time she was going to come home and if she wanted us to meet her at the metro. The metro is about a 15 minute walk from our apartment and I did not want her walking in the dark that late by herself. Before she replied back, I told Hannah that I knew Stephanie would text back and say, “No, I think I will be alright by myself.” When she replied back, I was right!! Hannah texted back and said, “Stephanie, we are going to meet you at the metro so tell us what time you will arrive.” She didn’t argue with us and just told us around 12:00.
The walk to get Stephanie was not the most enjoyable one. We walked in the rain at 11:30 and it was cold. We did not care though, we just wanted our Steph back safe and sound. On the way there, the rain continued to get worse and started to make HUGE puddles. While I was walking on the side walk, a speeding car drove by and guess what happened.. It splashed water ALL over me!! I couldn’t help but laugh because it was the only thing to do. I just needed to stay positive.
When we finally got to the metro, we waited about 10 minutes before we saw Stephanie walking up the stairs. Ashley, Aubrey, Hannah, Laura and I all started shouting and waving our hands. We were acting as if we had not seen her in years but we were just so happy that she was finally back. Stephanie gave us a group hug and started to cry. Since Thursday, this was the first time Stephanie felt comfortable and safe. You could tell she had been through a lot in just the past 24 hours but we told her that she was okay now and that it was all over. On the walk back home, Stephanie told us the whole story about the earthquake and how it felt. I can not imagine going through a tragic natural disaster by myself but she did. Stephanie is such a brave, strong, independent young lady and I admire her for that.

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Week 2

This weekend had been exactly what I needed. It’s been nice to get some rest from the hustle and bustle of the past two weeks. The weather over the past few days has been perfect for that as well. It’s been pretty dreary. This was definitely a disadvantage as far as Lake Como was concerned, but otherwise it’s been great sleeping weather. Unfortunately, the rain is supposed to extend into the week. Luckily we don’t start class until much later for most of the rest of the trip. Most of this weekend has been a throwback to the beginning of our trip. Saturday night, we visited Navigli once again. I’ve been there three times, and I’m starting to feel like a pro at navigating the place. Sunday, we visted the Turkish restaurant we ate at on the first day we were here. Something out of the ordinary did happen on Sunday, however, and that was the magnitude 6 earthquake that hit Bologna. Stephanie was there for the weekend, so we were all worried, but luckily she was fine. It was sort of surreal because I remember on the train to Florence a week ago, we passed through Bologna and I remember thinking about what a beautiful city it is. It’s a shame that had to happen. Looking at the pictures, it’s astonishing that more people weren’t hurt or killed.

Other than that though, I’ve been looking for a place to spend my last weekend here in Italy. I think I’ve settled on the city of Levanto, which had been called the “door to Cinque Terre”. I’ve wanted to go to a beach this whole time and this might be my chance. It’s only about 2 hours and 45 minutes by train and I wouldn’t have to change trains, which is really convenient. I almost feel guilty about not going to Rome or Venice, but to be totally honest, as much as I’d like to visit those places, there are other places that I’d like to visit over those two. Not to mention, those ruins have been around for thousands of years, I’m sure they will be there for a few more, for the next time I visit Italy. I know there will be a next time.

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Semi-Eventful Weekend!

Friday Laura and I went to Venice! Brandon and Ashley were supposed to come along with us but they had there own adventure and ended up meeting us there a little later than they had planned.

Laura and I arrived in Venice around 11:00 am and decided to follow our friend Rick Steve’s advice and get a map and then take the Water Bus down the Grand Canal. Well Rick wasn’t very specific about which boat to take and this that and the other. So we ended up taking a different bus a different way than planed avoiding the Grand Canal, but nevertheless we had an good time and arrived at our destination. Rick also left out that you need to be on the look out for splashing water  waves! Let’s just say we got a little wet, nothing too bad though.

Our first stop was Saint Marco square! HOLY COW!!!!!!! Talk about a massive amount of people! There were people everywhere! We think it was worse than normal because there was a sail boat race-like thing going on and tons of people were watching it.

Anyhow, we found us a little place to sit down and eat, and use the restroom! Both of us got some great lasagna and acqua minerale naturale (a fancy way to say flat water, they like gassy water here lol). So we chilled out here for a little bit and then started exploring. I could not image spending more then a day here. It was just WAY too crowded for me.

When we were ready to head back toward the train station to meet up with Brandon and Ashley, the waterbus wasn’t going anywhere, we think because of the sail boat races going on. So we had to whip out our maps and figure out how to get to the next boat/bus stop. This wouldn’t have been so bad if there weren’t so many people. We would come to these tiny little ally ways and it would be a dead halt because there were 200 people trying to see everything and people on walking tours and the guides would stop and talk about this that and the other. It just was not fun.

My advise if you are going to go to Venice is:

1. Go during the off season!
2. Make sure there isn’t any big events going on during your stay.
3. Try to make your plans during the weekdays

Now I’m not positive about how Venice is during those times, but they can only be better then when we went.

I would have loved to stay there for days because it was gorgeous! And there was so of the most amazing architecture. I really want to go back, but just during a better, less crowded, time!

Once we met up with Brandon and Ashley we explored around a little more and ended up taking a gondola ride! This made the day a lot better! It was so cool and just one of those things you have to do while in Venice! I really loved it! When I go back, hopefully with my fiance’, and by then husband, one day, I would love to go on a gondola ride at night.

Overall the city was amazing! Seeing how all these houses built on water are still there is just mind boggling! I can’t wait to go back, just at a better time!


As for the rest of my weekend it was pretty chill. I got some much needed rest. Saturday we had thought about going to Lake Como, but I ended up sleeping pretty much the entire day.

Sunday was still pretty chill until we heard about the earthquake that happened in Bologna, like 100 miles from us in Milan. One of the girls on the trip with us, Stephanie, happened to be in Bologna this weekend. We were pretty worried about her, but she was okay.

We keep in contact with Stephanie throughout the day and a few of us girls met up with her at the metro because it was pretty late. We didn’t want here to have to walk all the way back by herself and in the cold rain nevertheless. She is a trouper though! I don’t know if I would have been that optimistic about things in her situation, but she was great!

Overall a good and semi-eventful weekend!

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A Slightly Adventurous, But Mostly Restful Weekend

On our first free weekend of our stay in Italy, Hannah and I decided we would go to Venice. Brandon and Ashley decided to come with us on our Venice adventure. Since we don’t have class on Friday, we planned our trip for then. We all bought our tickets in advance and were all ready to go. The day started out interesting when we woke up early to find that Brandon accidently locked himself out of his room. The front office didn’t open till 8:00 and our train was leaving before then. Since Ashley’s ticket was with Brandon’s, locked in his room, Hannah and I went on to Venice without them with plans to meet up with them when they got there.

Our train ride was rather boring and quite slow. We did take the slow train because it was about 40 euro cheaper than a faster train and only about an hour or so difference in travel time. On our 2 hour and 30 minute train ride, I swear we stopped at EVERY train stop possible. It made it difficult for me to sleep with all the slowing down and speeding up. I eventually gave up on sleeping and decided to listen to my iPod. After 3 hours on being on the train, we finally arrived in Venice. The station was under construction so it made it difficult for us to find a map, use the restroom, and get something to eat. We decided food was the most important, so we did that first. Next we went to find a map, because we heard that it was easy to get lost in Venice. Walking out of the train station for the first time was such an amazing sight! We came out right on the Grand Canal. It was so crazy seeing all the gondolas, water taxis and buses and all of the people walking around the bustling city. We waited in line for a while to get a map and we also bought a 12-hour ticket for the water bus. We finally managed to find where our water bus was going to pick us up. Our good ol’ Rick Steves guidebook told us that a water bus was a good idea, so that’s how we decided to go with that option. Getting on the water bus was quite interesting. There were so many people crammed on that thing it was ridiculous. I was getting claustrophobic and very uncomfortable. Hannah and I found a great spot to stand on the edge of the boat to take pictures. We were so excited about this and were snapping pictures left and right. We got out onto a wide part of the canal where there were many larger ships and as one passes by, it splashed the whole water bus. Hannah and I were soaked. Good old Rick didn’t tell us about that one. Luckily it was a fairly warm day with a breeze and our clothes dried quickly.

We wondered around a little after getting off the water bus and decided we needed to get a bigger meal. We passed a few restaurants and finally decided on one to eat lunch at. We both ordered lasagna and it was quite delicious. After eating, we spent the next few hours wondering around the city and waiting for Brandon’s call t let us know him and Ashley were in Venice. Hannah and I of course had to seek out some gelato. We heard it was really good in Venice so we had to try it out. Needless to say, it did not disappoint. The city seemed extra busy and touristy because the American Cup was going on this past weekend. I had never heard of it before. Apparently it is a boat race. There were so many people crowding the bridges and there were helicopters flying around everywhere and police everywhere you looked.  We thought it would be better to go off into the smaller alleyways to avoid the large crowds. It wasn’t any better. The alleyways were about as wide as a doorway and were slam packed with people. There were tours going on and the genius tour guides thought it was a good idea to stop and talk about the scenery in the middle of an already packed alleyway. I think both Hannah and I were getting frustrated and our patience was wearing thin. We finally got a call from Brandon and Ashley around 5:00 that they had arrived. Hannah and I took the water bus back to the train station to meet up with them and it was even more crowded the first time. Everyone was so pushy and packed into this small little water bus.

We finally reached the stop for the train station and we were both relieved to get off the bus. We called Brandon and finally were able to meet up with them. After taking a few minutes to exchange experiences, we were off to explore a little more. We all decided that taking a gondola ride was a MUST! It was 80 euro that we split up between the four of us. Taking a gondola ride was definitely and unforgettable experience. I am so glad we decided to do it even if it was a little pricey. Bing up close and personal with the buildings on the canal simply amazed me. You could tell from this view how the city was slowly sinking and it was such a crazy thought to me. Time came fast to board our train back to Milan. Everyone was glad we decided to make Venice a day trip. We finally got back to Milan and took our walk back to the dorms. We both took showers and crashed. The four of us had plans to go to Lake Como Saturday and when the day came, we were too exhausted to do anything.

Saturday night we went out to Navigli with the whole group and went to a bar with live music. It was a lot of fun watching the live singers and this older guy dancing to the music, which I posted a video of on Facebook. We got back to the dorm and crashed again and didn’t wake up till about 11:00 the next morning. We attempted to go grocery shopping, but they were closed on Sunday. Sunday, there was an earthquake in Bologna, Italy where one of our students went to visit a friend this weekend. We were worried about her all day even though we received text messages that she was ok. Stephanie, the girl who went to Bologna for the weekend finally made it back to the train station in Milan around 11. Five of us girls walked in the cold rain to meet up with Stephanie at the metro station so she didn’t have to walk the whole way back by herself. Safety in numbers! We figured she already had a traumatic experience enough and didn’t need to walk home in the dark and rain by herself at 11:30 at night. The whole way back she told us about the earthquake and how bad it was, while trying to be optimistic about the whole situation as well. She was definitely glad to be back with us in Milan and we wee glad to see her back safely as well.

Our weekend was mostly restful, which I believe we needed after two weeks of exploration n Italy. We had a little fun Friday visiting Venice, but it was nice to catch up on sleep and prepare for our last week of class. Next weekend, we will be in Rome for two days! We are quite excited about it. We will be going with our same Venice group. When I think of Italy, I always dreamed about going to see the Coliseum and now I finally get to go, maybe because it has to do with running…haha. I can’t wait to go, take pictures, and tell everyone about my experiences there! Stay tuned : ] and check out my pictures from Venice this weekend on my Facebook page. The link is in my bio under this blog posting.

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Class: Week Two

This past week flew by! It was great though!

We started off the week by going to a house museum called Bagatti Valsecchi Museum. This was so cool to think that this was someone’s house. The audio guide we had was really neat to listen to because it was narrated by a man that had actually lived there. He spoke about how he remembers playing in certain rooms and what not. It was very interesting!
That was all we did on Monday. It was a nice day, not too overwhelming. The thing about Mondays here is not much is open. Most of the museums and things are closed. Actually the house museum was closed but they allowed us to come visit along with another group.

Tuesday we went to The Museo Kartell. This was sadly our last day with Professor Giulianna. Nevertheless, it was a great day, especially for me and the other graphic design students here, Brandon & Laura. Kartell is a brand that makes furniture and other plastic products. The museum was so amazing! It took us through the history of the company from beginning to today. It was amazing to see how some things have evolved over the years and how some things have stayed exactly the same and still sell. I could have spent so much more time here then we already did and spent so much money in the outlet store they have on sight.
Before we left the tour guide gave Laura, Brandon, and myself what we call a “swag” bag. Simply put just a bag with the brands logo on it and a catalog-like book inside it. The three of us we so excited! I love simple cool stuff like that.

Wednesday was our first day with the other instructor, Monica. She’s really cool and very knowledgable! Wednesday was a very very long day, but we got to see two sides of art! Contemporary and historic. We started off the day by becoming part of an installation with the artist Marina Abramović. WOW. Talk about a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience. When we got there we had to sign a contract stating that we would participate the entire 2 hours. I knew this thing had to be pretty legit. I’m still mind boggled about this entire thing. It was so cool and strange at the same time. A great experience!
After that we head for the Duomo! Monica took us inside the Duomo and told us so much stuff about everything in there it is really amazing how much she knows. We spent a good while inside. There was so much to look at it was truly amazing!
We took a short lunch break then got right back to things and headed to the roof of the Duomo! The architecture, the views, the massiveness, words cannot do all of it justice. It was a long but great day.

Thursday we headed to Lambrate. (A rather long metro ride from where we live.) Lambrate is where the new and contemporary art and artist are, along with some design schools. This was probably the neatest area we have been to yet. Just the area felt different then the rest of Milan. The pace seemed a little slower and more artisty. There were little galleries clumped together in one section. The first one we visited was focused on contemporary conceptual art! It was amazing! If your a artist of designer you would love it! It was beyond the ascetics of the art and really made you think deeper about each piece. Then the second gallery we visited was empty and they just showed us their space. It’s really cool to see the layout and how everything worked. Then the last one was very cool, it had three contemporary artist works in there.

We rested the rest of the day then got ready for our weekend plans!

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