Jon Storm

IMG_1159Jon Storm, Ph.D.                    Assistant Professor of Biology       USC Upstate              (864) 503-5753 (Office)

My current research centers on 2 projects, 1) the demographics of small mammal populations within urban greenways and 2) the chemically mediated anti-predator behavior of field crickets. If you are an undergraduate student interested in becoming involved in either of these projects, please stop by my office (Smith 223) to discuss opportunities. Several students have received mini-grants and research assistantships from the Center for Research and Scholarship Support as part of these projects.

Small Mammals in Urban Greenways:
Cottonwood_GreenwayMy students and I use Sherman live traps to survey small mammals in urban greenways, and rural forests, within Spartanburg County, since 2009. We also survey large mammal and carnivore activity at each site using sooted track plates and passive wildlife cameras.  My students present this research each year at the Upstate Research Showcase.

.Anti-Predator Behavior of Field Crickets:

Students in my lab have helped me set-up a breeding colony of southeastern field crickets (Gryllus rubens). We also hand-collect wolf spiders from the wild and use them to assess the response of crickets to the chemical cues (e.g. feces and silk draglines) of the spiders in the laboratory. Data are recorded using a Videomex behavioral monitoring system.

Cricket Tracking Picture