First 100 days in Germany – Landshut through the American Eye

Mar 19

Article taken from E-MAGAZIN FAKULTÄT BETRIEBSWIRTSCHAFT (E-Magazine Faculty of Business Administration) in Landshut, Germany. Before coming to Landshut I did my own research on the town and German culture. My first impression of the town was a positive one! Beautiful buildings and people everywhere! Eating outside at the Cafes and a bakery or two on every block!...

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My Adventure Begins

Jan 23

Well here it is, my first blog! (Yay!) I am so excited to be starting my blog and my adventure. My goal for this blog is to make everyone that reads it feel like they are on this journey with me. I will try my best to post a blog once or twice a week. If you’re not already following my blog, click follow so you can find out when I post something new!  I thought...

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because #thoughtvectors

Sep 02

Yep. That’s me. Failing at a MOOC yet again. Did you (did anyone) notice how I started out right…then just f a d e d   a   w   a   ……??? I was in the MOOC where the term all started way back when. I didn’t finish that one either. I’ve tried again and again. I even […]

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So far, so fun!

Jun 25

From the time we’ve left the country to the time we’ve arrived in Europe, there’s been nothing but non-stop activity. To checking out the different local stores, even checking out our bedrooms in the fairly interesting Chelsea Hotel. The first stop on the list is London, and we have definitely hit a culture shock. The currency, the grocery shops and...

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Jun 24

Welcome to USC Upstate Blogs. Our Semester Abroad Blogs will be coming soon!

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