SL/CE Course Reallocation

This program will award up to $2,500 to the faculty member’s department to hire an adjunct instructor who will teach a non-SL/CE course that the faculty member would have been teaching. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Provost’s Office in making this reallocation available. What’s the timeline? Applications Due: September 30 Spring 2022: 1Continue reading “SL/CE Course Reallocation”

Barbara Holland Workshop

October 5, 2021 @ 2:30. Register to receive meeting link & submit questions Internationally known community engagement expert Dr. Barbara Holland will join us on October 5th for a virtual conversation. Dr. Holland co-founded our new Collaboratory Community Engagement (CE) data repository. She will share her insight and ideas about community engagement work in aContinue reading “Barbara Holland Workshop”

Carnegie Engaged Campus Initiative

USC Upstate has sought to serve our community for more than 50 years. We seek to transform the lives of our diverse students, their families, and communities – advancing social and economic mobility throughout the Upstate region. To promote institution-wide collaboration in this effort, we are pursuing the Carnegie Community Engagement (CE) Classification. The CarnegieContinue reading “Carnegie Engaged Campus Initiative”


Seeking to better understand our combined institutional and individual community engaged efforts, USC Upstate has invested in Collaboratory, a community engagement data tracking system. Collaboratory empowers universities understand their community engagement and public service activities. Collaboratory also makes this data publicly searchable. Faculty and staff report community engaged curricular, co-curricular activities, service  and engaged researchContinue reading “Collaboratory”


SPREADING AWARENESS OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES AND METHODS OF DISEASE CONTROL Students in Dr. Ginny Webb’s Microbiology course (BIOL 330) aim to spread awareness of various infectious diseases and methods of disease control. They regularly partner with Oakland Elementary School where microbiology students teach hands-on lessons to kindergarten students about disease transmission and hand washing. TheContinue reading “SPREAD AWARENESS, NOT DISEASE”