SL/CE Course Reallocation

This program will award up to $2,500 to the faculty member’s department to hire an adjunct instructor who will teach a non-SL/CE course that the faculty member would have been teaching. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Provost’s Office in making this reallocation available.

What’s the timeline?

  • Applications Due: September 30
  • Spring 2022: 1 course reallocation; competitively assigned

Who’s eligible?

  • Full-time faculty members
  • SL/CE Course Contributions
    • Taught least 2 formally designated SL course sections
    • WITH at least 30 SL students combined
    • SE or CE course sections may substitute for SL courses at a 3:1 ratio for both number of sections and students
      (e.g. 1 SL course w/10 students + 3 SE/CE courses w/ a total of 30 students)
    • Enter SL/CE contributions in Collaboratory to make them eligible

Get the full details on the SL/CE website.