Collaboratory – October Update

Collaboratory logo

Our quest to capture the amazing community-engaged activities happening across campus continues with our efforts to populate Collaboratory, our new community engagement tracking system.

At time of this writing, we have 64 activities in the database with most entries associated with the Department of Languages, Literature, and Composition. Equity, diversity, and inclusion is our most common focus area of the entered activities, and the general population is the most commonly recurring target audience.

Starting in January, we will begin a monthly drawing from all those (faculty AND staff) who have contributed at least one activity into the system. Stay tuned to see who wins our first prize, and more importantly how many activities we’ve captured and for what focus areas and populations.

Many thanks to our Upstate Collaboratory support team: Zane Gray & Janet Yurchenko. They are doing amazing work and may be contacting you soon about updating Collaboratory with your community-engaged actives!