SL/CE Updates & Support

Venn diagram: Students, Faculty, Community

Following some lean SL/CE during the uncertainty of COVID, we have 23 courses registered as Service Learning, Service Engagement, or Community Engagement this Spring! We are delighted to be growing back toward offering our students a wide array of retention enhancing, meaning-filled, and career-skill focused opportunities to interact with our community on a reciprocal basis.

Simplified Application Template & Suggested Syllabus Inserts

Thinking of creating a SL/CE course or shifting a current course to include SL/CE pedagogies? Let me know and I will provide you with a partially completed template to simplify the paperwork. Answer a few questions. Choose a career-oriented SLO to cover your course and an associated assessment. Confirm that your course meets SL/CE expectations for contact hours, reflection, and reciprocity. AND we can talk through the whole process if you’d like. It’s never been easier to implement your existing idea

Want to get involved, but lack ideas? Join our SL/CE Roundtable Discussion on Tuesday 2/1 and hear from three talented and experienced SL/CE faculty colleagues. Of course, you can also always contact me. I welcome the opportunity to discuss all thing SL/CE!