SL/CE Development & Support

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Upcoming & recorded professional development opportunities. An invitation to hear students’ voices at this year’s USC Upstate Research Symposium. And reminders of how OSL/CE supports officially designated SL, SE, & CE courses.

SL/CE Course Showcase
Friday, 4/1; CLC 309; Lunch @ 11:45, Sessions @ 12. Check out the related blog post!
Come hear stories from your colleagues in a TEDx style format and celebrate SL/CE at Upstate.

SL/CE @ the Upstate Research Symposium.
Friday 4/8 @ 3:15 in CLC 103 (time & location subject to change, please confirm on the final Symposium schedule).

Come hear student voices talking about their community engaged research & their service learning experiences at the Upstate Symposium on April 8th at 3:15 in CLC 103 (time and location subject to change). We’ll start with two papers discussing perceptions of dialect prejudice in social and educational settings, then we’ll have a panel of students talking about Serving for the Grade & So Much More.


  • SL/CE Roundtable : Ginny Webb, Michele Covington, & Tasha Thomas (Feb 2022)
    If you missed the our SL/CE Panel discussion in February, we’ve got good news for you. Recordings are now available on the Serving Upstate YouTube channel.
    Discussion topics include:
  • SL/CE & Retention: What the research says (Jan 2022)
  • January blog post with lots of references
  • Public Scholarship & SL/CE (Nov 2021)
    Recorded session in collaboration with SARS
  • Mary-Beth Lima Workshop on Community Engaged Scholarship (Jan 2021)
    10 video segments broken up thematically, so you can choose what interests you


Here are some of the ways we support formal designated Service Learning (SL), Service Engagement (SE), & Community Engagement (CE):

  • New Course Designation
    • Individual consultation & customized templates streamline your application
    • SL/CE SLOs based on National Association of Colleges and Employers
    • SLO assessment instruction templates
    • Suggested Syllabus inserts
  • Coffee & Conversation Program
    OSL/CE in partnership with SODEXO will pay for any instructor in any SL/CE course to invite 1-4 of their students to coffee @ PerkUP! or lunch at the cafeteria. See the related blog post.
  • Course Support funds
    OSL/CE has limited funds to support SL/CE related course expenses in (supplies, printing, transportation, etc.). Funding for Service Learning courses may be approved up to $25/student and up to $10/student for Service Engagement courses.
  • Service Awards
    Curtailed due to COVID. We offered only one award in 2021 & will do the same in 2022. We hope to return to our full slate of award in 2023
  • SL/CE Course Reallocation
    We offered one award in 2021 and hope to find funding for future awards

Published by Dave Marlow

David Marlow directs Service Learning and Community Engagement at USC Upstate. At the core of all his endeavors, Dave seeks to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.