SL/CE Teacher of the Year 2021-22

Matthew Brisebois, is our SL/CE Teacher of the Year for 2021-22. This year we have combined our SL/CE faculty awards into one.

Matthew is Assistant Professor of Exercise and Sport Science in the School of Education, Human Performance, and Health where he teaches Sport Nutrition as Service Learning every semester, and every semester engages his students in our community by pairing them with athletes in training. Matt’s students interview the athletes about their dietary practices, supplement use, physical activity habits, personal goals. Students also seek to identify and correct any misinformation in the athletes’ nutritional knowledge. They then create personalized recommendations for modifying the athlete‚Äôs diet and communicate these back to each individual.

Students in Matt’s Service-Learning course engage in hone their critical thinking and communications skills by applying course concepts to real individuals in the real world. 

While this is a science, there is a challenging degree of subjectivity , and the connection of this to actual people who will receive (and hopefully implement) their recommendations motivates students to do their best work as they experience a bit of one career path in their chosen field. Students connect their service with their career plans explicitly, as they write an entry for their resume as a part of the course.

Please join me in congratulating Matt on winning Service-Learning Teacher of the Year.