Spring ’23 Class List

Please join me in celebrating the resurgence of SL/CE courses for our students. As of this writing, we have 27 unique sections officially designated as SL/CE – rebounding from our COVID induced low of 4 sections in Spring 2021. SL/CE courses offer students significant benefits including increased GPAs, higher retention, higher satisfaction, enhanced critical thinking, and heightened self-awareness.

Instructors also report benefits from SL/CE courses including more engaged students, increased sense of satisfaction, opportunities for scholarship, and, specifically at Upstate SL/CE, activities are increasingly recognized in the evaluation and promotion and tenure processes.

Of course, our community also benefits immediately from our service as well as in the preparation of future civically minded community members for the 80% of our alumni who stay local.

Below we list the 22 officially designated SL/CE course offerings we have on the books for Spring ’23. If you are teaching a course that should be on this list, please let me know and we can make it happen. We want to track SL/CE activity to reward faculty who invest in this important pedagogy and to demonstrate that SL/CE has impacts at Upstate similar to those reported an many other institutions.

The classes include the foundations of SL/CE courses: connection to our community, overt attention to career skill-building, and guided reflection:


ARTS     U207     01              SL: Printmaking I
ARTS     U307     01              SL: Printmaking II


MGMT  U475     01B            CE: Advanced Operations Management
MKTG   U352     01B            SL: Marketing Communications

Criminal Justice

CRJU     U350     1               SL: Victimology


ENGL     U102     17M          SL: Composition II
ENGL     U252     02M        SE: Understanding English Grammar
ENGL     U451     02M        SL: Introduction to Linguistics
ENSL      U351     02M        SL: Linguistics for Language Learners and Teachers


EDVI 706     01M   SE:  Advanced Braille


GERM   U101     01W          CE: Intro German I


HONS    U301     01            CE: The Ethical Factor


NURS    U306     ALL   SE: Intro. Professional Nursing
NURS    U461     ALL      SL: Community & Public Health Nursing
NURS    U462     ALL      SL: Community & Public Health Nursing RN-BSN


CAST      U499     01               CE: Child Advocacy Internship
PSYC      U302     07 & 8      SL: Developmental Psychology
PSYC      U499     01             CE: Psychology Internship


BIO        330        01               SL: Microbiology


SOCY     U323     01               CE: Urban Sociology
SOCY     U391     01               SL: Special Topics: Victimology


SPCH     U347     01M          SL: Environmental Communication

—– Key to Acronyms —–

CE = Community Engaged
SE = Service Engaged
SL = Service Learning

Compare SL, SE, and CE