Engagement Opportunities Spring ’23

See also Service Opportunities for Spring ’23

As you prepare your syllabi for Spring 2023, we ask you to consider including one or more of the following community engagement events. Our thanks to the United Way of the Piedmont for welcoming us into partnership with them as they serve our community! 
All of these opportunities are available for you, for your class, or for your students individually (family and friends are also welcome!)

Local Impacts of Global Wicked Problems

A panel of non-profit experts will discuss the global wicked problems they seek to ameliorate in our community. This discussion will conclude with exploration of careers in the non-profit sector.
March 2 (Thursday) @ 12:15-1:30 – CLC 309
– Email Dave Marlow or Lizabeth Zack for more details

Northside Tour*

Join Dr. Colby King’s Urban Sociology/Honors course on a tour of the Northside led by Tony Thomas of the Northside Development Group and Carolyn Smith of the United Way. This tour will explore this unique community, honoring its past and expanding the opportunities for a mix of affordable and market rate housing, economic, educational, recreational, health, and social opportunities for its residents, including an introduction to the StartMe: Spartanburg initiative for local entrepreneurs.
* Limited space. Preregistration required
– April 13 (Thursday) @ 2:00-4:30 – Downtown Spartanburg
Email Colby King for more details 

Spartanburg City Bus Experience*

Participants will experience a functional trip on public transportation, seeing first-hand the process and challenge in navigating daily life without a personal car.
* Limited space. Preregistration required
Friday, April 14 @ 10:00-2:00 (tentative) – Downtown Spartanburg
Email Carolyn Smith for more details

Poverty Simulation**

Imagine having to choose between paying rent and putting food on the table. Approximately 18% of individuals and 28% of children in Spartanburg County live in poverty – many of them struggling with hunger and homelessness, which become root causes of other significant challenges. United Way’s Poverty Simulation is an experience that offers a glimpse into the realities and complexities of living on a low income – all through the eyes of fictional families that are trying to survive from month to month.
** Available for scheduling if we have a group of 30-80 participants for a 120 minute session.
Email Dave Marlow if you’re interested in seeing this event on our campus!


Help us celebrate your engagement. If you engage one or more of your classes in any of these events, you are on your way to a CE designation. Let’s make it official. Email me (Dave Marlow), & I’ll get you set up!

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