Cleanup Day Recaps: October 6th & 10th, 2023

On this second week of October, we finally felt things cooling off at the Greenway! With the heat of the summer behind us, the weather was perfect for our work removing overgrown plants from the understory near the trail.

As we continue our work at the Greenway with SPACE, we get to walk with students further down the trail. They have been impressed to see the progress by comparing the side of the trail that has been cleaned up by fellow students to the untouched side.

October 6th, 2023

Edit 11/14/23: We are happy to share that SPACE had their videographer create an awesome promotional video featuring our students from the October 6th cleanup! Watch the 2-minute video below:

On Friday October 6th, over 30 students with instructors Yamil Ruiz and Dr. Monika Herr joined SPACE at the Chinquapin Greenway for an amazing day of invasive species cleanup!

SPACE’s Membership and Outreach Director, Deb Stevens, coordinated a special volunteer event at the Greenway as a part of the South Carolina Land Trust days with participants from other conservation efforts in the Upstate, including Upstate Forever and the Arbor Day Foundation. Read more from SPACE’s Instagram page here!

Thanks to the professional photographer that SPACE brought out to commemorate this awesome day of collaboration, we were able to get many wonderful pictures of our students at work!

During the cleanup, our instructors motivated their students with some friendly competition to see who could make the biggest pile of cleared plants. Yamil told us about how he taught his class of students on the trail behind the Burroughs building for one of his sessions earlier in the week.

We are so thrilled by our students and instructors representing Upstate through their hard work.

October 10th, 2023

On Trail Tuesday, we were joined yet again by U101 instructors Amanda Karls and Patrick Nugent, as well as Nick Karls of Landscape Services here on campus. The students walked nearly a quarter mile of trail to get to the work site and they were motivated to see the large amount of progress made in the weeks before. Suddenly, the task before us does not feel as daunting!

As we moved deeper into the trail, students were excited to tackle large stands of Autumn Olive, the invasive plant that grows in an umbrella shape and shades out all of the native plants underneath. Removing the biggest plants is essential to helping recover the health of the Greenway.

Working under the guidance of the SPACE leadership team as well as our very own Landscape Services expert here at USC Upstate, students learned how to identify the invasive species as well as the best methods to remove them using various tools such as loppers, pruners, and saws.

Great job to all of our volunteers this week – we can’t wait to see how the rest of the semester goes!

On a final note, we are excited to share that on October 10th, the main USC Upstate social media pages featured our Engaging Green initiative in a post, which you can view on Instagram here.

For an overview of our Engaging Green project, visit the main webpage here!

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Check out this awesome video that SPACE put together to celebrate our Engaging Green Initiative!