Cleanup Day Recaps: October 23rd & 24th, 2023

October 23rd, 2023

The fall weather continues to make work at the Greenway cooler than ever! On October 23rd, a group of 25 students, joined by SPACE’s leadership team, Lynn and Sam, cleared invasives from a huge swath of land, finally allowing trailgoers to see all the way to the edge of the beautiful stream that bisects the Greenway.

Dr. Esther Godfrey and her WGST 101 students came together and made the biggest pile of autumn olive we have seen at the Greenway to date.

Biology instructor Julie Smoak used her graduate background in botany to educate her students about all of the different native plants at the Greenway. She also found a beetle, which she and her students deemed “kawaii”!

October 24th, 2023

Hannah Burress and Patrick Nugent led their students during an exciting cleanup day on Tuesday! We were blown away at the group’s positive attitude and motivation to identify and remove the problematic plants plaguing the trail.

USC Upstate sent a videographer to the Greenway to make an informative video all about our Engaging Green project! Students, staff, and SPACE leader Sam Parrott all volunteered to speak about the project for the video. We are excited to see how it turns out!

Hannah had her U101 class paint rocks that they then left around the pavilion. One day, students can come back to visit the totally revitalized Greenway and their painted rocks will serve as a reminder for their own contribution to the project.

With two more cleanup days on the schedule for this week, the progress on the Chinquapin trail will make it nearly unrecognizable from where it was just one month ago.

For an overview of our Engaging Green project, visit the main webpage here!

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