Cleanup Day Recap: November 6th, 2023

On Monday, November 6th, we had yet another great cleanup day with biology instructor Julie Smoak and her students.

During their work time, the group made an awesome discovery: an extremely rare plant, the dwarf-flowered heartleaf, which makes its home only on a small swath of land near the border of North and South Carolina!

From a post on SPACE’s Instagram page, Deb Stevens describes finding the plant:

“During one of our volunteer service days at the Upper Chinquapin Greenway with a group of students from @usc_upstate , we uncovered a small, but exciting find – a little patch of the rare and endangered, dwarf-flowered heartleaf!

“Dwarf-flowered heartleaf, or Hexastylis naniflora, is the only federally protected endangered plant species listed in the Upstate. We had seen notes that dwarf-flowered heartleaf had been spotted at the Upper Chinquapin Greenway in the 90s, but we haven’t seen it with our own eyes in many years… until recently!”

Our efforts to clean up and preserve the Upper Chinquapin Greenway will help to make sure that the dwarf-flowered heartleaf can continue to thrive in Spartanburg.

What a cool way to end one of the last greenway cleanup days of the semester!

Other announcements…

Unfortunately, our Friday 11/10 cleanup was postponed due to rain. Our last cleanup is coming up on December 1st, and we have a cool announcement to share about it, so keep your eye out!!

In other news, SPACE has recently shared a video that they had a professional videographer shoot at one of last month’s Greenway cleanups, which we have updated the blog post to include here.

You can also go support the video on SPACE’s Instagram page.

For an overview of our Engaging Green project, visit the main webpage here!

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