Spring ’24 Class List

Put your learning into action.

We are excited to announce ~40 SL/CE courses for Spring 2024!
Build career skills, support our community, and do something real!

Course numbers and names are listed below, followed by their section number (when applicable).

Arts & Communication

  • ARTS     U207     SL: Printmaking I
  • ARTS     U307     SL: Printmaking II
  • ARTS     U262     SL: Digital Photography
  • SPCH U201 SE: Foundations in Oral Communication (01W)
  • SPCH U210 CE: Interpersonal Communication (Ledford; section TBA)

Behavioral Sciences

  • CAST     U499     CE: Child Advocacy Internship
  • CRJU     U101     SE: Introduction to Criminal Justice (01W)
  • PSYC     U302     SL: Developmental Psychology (04W)
  • PSYC U302 SL: Developmental Psychology (05W)
  • PSYC     U499     CE: Psychology Internship
  • SOCY    U320     SL: Sociology of Aging
  • SOCY    U323     SL: Urban Sociology
  • HONS U301 SL: The Ethical Factor (cross-listed with SOCY 323)


  • MGMT  U475     CE: Advanced Operations Management
  • MKTG   U352     SL: Marketing Communications


  • EDSC U398 SL: Topics in Secondary Education: Call Me Mister (sect 01)
  • EDVI U730 SL: Educational Procedures for the Visually Impaired

Human Performance

  • EXSC     U459     SL: Sport Nutrition


  • ENGL U102 SE: Composition II (02M & 03M)
  • ENGL U398 CE: Teaching Differently: US & Central American Schools (section TBA)
  • ENGL     U451     SL: Introduction to Linguistics
  • ENSL U351 SL: Linguistics for Learners
  • GERM U101 CE: Introductory German I
  • JOUR U428 SL: Public Relations Campaigns
  • HIST       U324     SL: Unruly Women
  • SPAN U312 SL: Introduction to Interpreting
  • SPAN U313 SL: Advanced Translation
  • SPCH U201 SE: Foundations in Oral Communications (01W)

Interdisciplinary Studies

  • IDST      U401 SL: Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies: Environmental Stewardship


  • NURS    U306    SE: Introduction to Professional Nursing (01M)
  • NURS    U325    SL: Evidence-based Practice (01)
  • NURS    U461     SL: Community & Public Health Nursing (01)
  • NURS    U462     SL: Community & Public Health Nursing, RN-BSN (1RN)


  • BIOL      U110     SE: General Biology (01M)
  • BIOL U110 SE: General Biology (02M)
  • BIOL      U330     SL: Microbiology
  • BIOL U525 SL: Plant Taxonomy

—– Key to Acronyms —–

CE = Community Engaged
SE = Service Engaged
SL = Service Learning

Compare SL, SE, & CE

Research demonstrates that SL/CE courses yield high benefits for students including better graduation rates, higher GPAs, and increased satisfaction with college – all while building specific career readiness skills like critical thinking, leadership, professionalism and self-and career management.

The benefits don’t stop there! Instructors report that SL/CE courses result in more engaged students, increased satisfaction, and unique scholarship opportunities. As mentioned during last semester’s SL/CE announcement, Upstate is increasingly recognizing SL/CE activities in the evaluation, promotion, and tenure processes for faculty.

The above list of SL/CE designated courses is a work-in-progress. If you are teaching a class that should be on the list but is not, please contact Dave Marlow at marlowd@uscupstate.edu. We are excited to support the increasing numbers of unique SL/CE courses here at Upstate. Tracking SL/CE activity is paramount in order for us to reward faculty who invest in this valuable pedagogy and so that we can demonstrate that SL/CE impacts Upstate in positive and beneficial ways.