Service Stories Archive: Community and Public Health Nursing (NURS 461)

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This article was originally published in the ’19-’20 academic year.


Students in multiple sections of Community and Public Health Nursing (NURS 461) work with a variety of community partners to explore health issues in our Upstate community. In addition to serving alongside nurses in public schools, in hospice agencies, in home health agencies, and at detention centers, NURS461 students also engage in educational outreach, sharing knowledge they have gained throughout their nursing curriculum with the community at large.  Under the leadership of Mary Black School of Nursing instructor, Lindsay Grainger, students in NURS461 during Fall 2019 were presented with a unique challenge.  Given only three hours to design and film a public service announcement (PSA) on a chosen public health topic, students generated timely, educational and entertaining videos to educate the community.

Here are two PSA video examples:

Sepsis – Early Detection for Health Care Workers  

Human Trafficking – Victim Identification for Health Care Workers


The volume on the videos may be a bit weak. Please maximize your volume and use captions for both clips.

A group of Nursing students in front of the Greenville County Detention Center

Students outside the Detention Center