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While it made sense to couple a course redesign with the adoption and creation of free, Open Educational Resource (OER) materials, it resulted in Shannon Polchow, Professor of Spanish, having a very busy Summer 2021. Through her work in the Engaged Pedagogy & Hybrid Course Institute with CAIFS and in the Unit Competition for Course Revision Using OER and Affordable Resources with the Library, Dr. Polchow completely revamped her Spanish 101 course. From the textbook to the Blackboard layout, every piece of the course was redesigned, recreated, or updated. Strategic use of Blackboard’s Adaptive Release feature helped to ensure that students achieved mastery through retrieval and spaced practice and authentic, randomized questions curbed visits to Chegg. She also helped students save a whopping $169.41 EACH!

Dr. Polchow presented the redesigned course at the Fall 2021 Course Showcase. Watch the 18-minute video below to find out what students said about the pre-module quizzes and Blackboard Ultra View!