Faculty SpotLight: Astrid Rosario

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Course redesigns can be challenging. It’s even more challenging when you are completing rethinking your course delivery for an upper-level Chemistry course. But Dr. Astrid Rosario, Associate Professor of Chemistry, didn’t let that stop her! Through her work in the Engaged Pedagogy & Hybrid Course Institute with CAIFS, Dr. Rosario converted her CHEM 332 Organic Chemistry II course to be a hybrid course, with some Hyflex options, using a flipped learning model. Scaffolding, formative assessments, metacognitive activities– this course has it all! I loved the self-check problems with video solutions! So much so that I did in my classes after seeing her presentation! Most impressive though, is Dr. Rosario’s use of “Effort Points” to help students learn how to prepare for exams and develop good study habits.

Dr. Rosario presented the redesigned course at the Fall 2021 Course Showcase. Watch the 12-minute video below to see her innovative course design and transparent layout!