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By Jennifer Bland

Have you heard the word HyFlex recently? While the idea of HyFlex courses is not new, they have gained traction in the nationwide post-COVID enrollment slump.  HyFlex courses provide the greatest flexibility for students by allowing students to attend face-to-face, synchronously via a scheduled virtual meeting, or asynchronously through recordings.  Students can choose a different method of attending each week depending on their needsInstructors teach in the face-to-face classroom using technology that enables students to join virtually and they record the session for students to view later.

These types of courses do require more pre-planning than a face-to-face course. The best way to design a HyFlex course is to design the course as an online, asynchronous course then add in options for live engagement. This ensures that students have access to all course materials and assignments without ever attending a live session, and it allows everyone to spend their time together on meaningful interaction, not listening to lecture.  Instructors then create equivalent online activities and formative assessments for students who choose not to attend face-to-face or synchronously via the virtual meeting.

Image from Ali (2020) “HyFlex Teaching

Why should you offer your course as HyFlex? Flexibility! Many times, online students want to meet their peers and instructors to build relationships but cannot commit to attending in person on campus for every class.  When courses are offered in a HyFlex format, a student can attend in a variety of ways and that choice can change each week. HyFlex also helps programs that are transitioning to online or building a new program since it helps bridge enrollment gaps. You may not be able to offer three different sections, but you can combine the sections using a HyFlex model.

Worried about managing three different methods in one class? Good news! CAIFS will begin offering classroom support assistants! Request Classroom Support for your HyFlex course starting Spring 2023. Please first check your instructional mode in SSC to ensure it says FLEX.

Ready to learn more?  Visit our About HyFlex Learning page for more tips on creating HyFlex courses including some practical guides and tip sheets to get you started. You can also send us an email or make an appointment for a consultation!