ICYMI on green dot. ICYMI = in case you missed it.

The following professional development opportunities are now available in the CAIFS PD Blackboard course in the Pre-Recorded Workshops and Webinars folder. Complete the participation activity to participate in professional development on your own time.

Effectively Communicating about Your Community Engagement Work

Learn about how to share news about your community engagement work with the surrounding community! This workshop is perfect for anyone doing service learning, community engagement, or public scholarship. Contact Dave Marlow with any questions!

Semester in Review: Lessons to Learn from Learning Experience Surveys

Students are the only ones who are tired by the end of the semester! By December it’s easy to forget about all of the new ideas you wanted to try and updates you wanted to implement in your courses. Watch the recorded webinar in the CAIFS PD course and complete the journal activity to learn how to create (and stick with!) a plan to grow professionally and improve your courses.