The true answer to every question: “It depends”.

Apr 24

Chapter III: The Inquiry Method Continuing with my re-read of Postman & Weingartner: This chapter put me in mind of my first philosophy course in my second round of grad school. I was an older learner. I had been teaching for a good long while by then. I had had no exposure to the study … Continue reading The true answer to every question: “It depends”.

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“Nobody likes a smart educationist.”

Apr 13

Chapter II. The Medium is the Message, Of Course Ha! Gotcha! I bet you thought I wouldn’t write again for months and months! Back today though to continue my walk-through Postman & Weingartner’s book. In this brief chapter the authors describe circumstances we create in classrooms – and by intentional design – that are really … Continue reading “Nobody likes a smart educationist.”

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On Subversion – Blogging Postman and Weingartner

Apr 11

Subversion: obsolete :  a cause of overthrow or destruction So, I have a whole bunch of other things I ought to be working on, but I’m going to commit to a low-stakes (as in I am writing in a hurry and not overthinking as I typically do….which is the reason I publish so infrequently) blog-along of … Continue reading On Subversion – Blogging Postman and Weingartner

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Advancing the Metropolitan Mission

Jan 23

Advancing the Metropolitan Mission Regional comprehensive universities have a specific institutional role to play on the landscape of higher education.  A core part of the mission of institutions like the University of South Carolina Upstate’s is a responsibility to partner with, and work to improve, our surrounding communities.   Dubbed the USC Upstate...

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Artisanal change & the 1 percent-my post-#digped PEI ramble of thoughts

Jul 19

Harbor view in Charlottetown, PEI Well, to say that the Digital Pedagogy Lab PEI experience was excellent would be quite the understatement. Chief amongst the many awesome things was being in the same physical space as long-time Twitter network folks like @Lawrie, @bonstewart, @davecormier, @Slamteacher, @Jessifer, @hjarche, @amcollier, @daniellynds, @sundilu, @edtechinsight @actualham, and most especially […]

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