Advancing the Metropolitan Mission

Advancing the Metropolitan Mission Regional comprehensive universities have a specific institutional role to play on the landscape of higher education.  A core part of the mission of institutions like the University of South Carolina Upstate’s is a responsibility to partner with, and work to improve, our surrounding communities.   Dubbed the USC Upstate metropolitan mission, we… Read More »

Artisanal change & the 1 percent-my post-#digped PEI ramble of thoughts

Harbor view in Charlottetown, PEI Well, to say that the Digital Pedagogy Lab PEI experience was excellent would be quite the understatement. Chief amongst the many awesome things was being in the same physical space as long-time Twitter network folks like @Lawrie, @bonstewart, @davecormier, @Slamteacher, @Jessifer, @hjarche, @amcollier, @daniellynds, @sundilu, @edtechinsight @actualham, and most especially […]

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Small victories.

CC licensed (BY) flickr image shared by makelessnoise I am fresh back from attending the Online Learning Consortium 21st Annual Conference last week. As is my conference habit, I tweeted a lot about sessions I attended (and stuff I thought about during those sessions) at … Continue reading Small victories.

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On being an elder…

CC Licensed (BY) flickr image shared by Vinoth Chandar This fall semester, we are hosting something we are calling the LwT Challenge (that’s Learning with Technology). We have created a series of monthly ‘shares around a guiding question: How do you mentor and/or model using … Continue reading On being an elder…

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A scaffolded sequential faculty development crosswalk

Sharing some faculty development ideas…because…it’s conference proposal rejection season for me. The latest I received today smarts especially – the third attempt to the same annual conference. Jilted again. *sigh* I decided this time to share what I submitted anyway…here on my blog. I do think this sequenced faculty development experience is worth sharing. I’m […]

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Haiku Deck Essay 3

Problems and Solutions – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

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