Barbara Holland Workshop

October 5, 2021 @ 2:30. Register to receive meeting link & submit questions

Internationally known community engagement expert Dr. Barbara Holland will join us on October 5th for a virtual conversation. Dr. Holland co-founded our new Collaboratory Community Engagement (CE) data repository. She will share her insight and ideas about community engagement work in a town hall-style meeting, and she invites the Upstate community to submit questions for her to address in advance of her virtual visit.

Dr. Holland serves on the National Advisory Committee for the Public Purpose Institute which oversees the Carnegie Elective Community Engagement Classification. She is the eponymous honoree of the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities’ Barbara A. Holland Scholar-Administrator Award which each year recognizes one bold, mid-career scholar-administrator whose leadership and intellectual voice illuminates the transformative power of urban and metropolitan higher education. Barbara has dedicated her life to creating transformational change and wants to encourage us to do the same.

Barbara invites anyone interested to submit questions. The Office of SL/CE will combine and sequence these before the workshop. Register and submit questions.