SL/CE Stories

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Here you’ll find stories about SL/CE at Upstate. The topics will vary. The style will vary. The authors will vary. The core message will always be: “we care and are doing something about it.” <see also our SL/CE Updates>

  • SL/CE in U101 in Fall ’22
    Support U101. Visit the Sharing our Service event Thursday 11/17. U101 peer leaders share posters about their section’s community projects! Great things are happening in University 101: Introduction to the University. Every U101 section does ~4 hours of service. The U101 program has a whole will celebrate their experience with an event open to all.Continue reading “SL/CE in U101 in Fall ’22”
  • GSP Mock Disaster Press Conference
    Greenville-Spartanburg Airport Disaster Drill Communication students and faculty (and a few other Upstate folks) participated in a press conference as part of a training-focused mock emergency at GSP in early October. Students served as members of the press corps for the communications division at GSP, asking questions relevant to the mock disaster and making notesContinue reading “GSP Mock Disaster Press Conference”
  • BMW: German-American Transatlantic Relations
    Approximately 40 students from a variety of majors across USC Upstate participated in an introduction to BMW and the global workplace. Upstate students were joined by faculty, and staff. Additionally, German students and teachers from high schools in both Greenville and Spartanburg joined as well, bringing the total number of participants to nearly 180 people.Continue reading “BMW: German-American Transatlantic Relations”