SL/CE Stories

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Here you’ll find stories about SL/CE at Upstate. The topics will vary. The style will vary. The authors will vary. The core message will always be: “we care and are doing something about it.” <see also our SL/CE Updates>

  • Sharing Knowledge, Sharing Food
    A quick shout-out to Symposium organizers, Kim Shorter & Josh Ruppel – together with Jim Shecter, SODEXO Director, Shay Carr in Student Affairs, and multiple students working the welcome table at the Upstate Research Symposium on Friday, 3/31. Thanks to collaboration from all these folks, the leftover breakfast & lunch boxes from the Symposium were … Read more
  • Homelessness to Opportunity
    by Suzanne Floyd, Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies Follow one student’s journey from homelessness to serving the homeless community in service learning course, WGST 101. If you need help, connect with our Community Resource Coordinator! From Homelessness to Serving with Opportunity Housing I had no home when I moved to South Carolina in fall 2011 from the … Read more
  • SL/CE in U101 in Fall ’22
    Support U101. Visit the Sharing our Service event Thursday 11/17. U101 peer leaders share posters about their section’s community projects! Great things are happening in University 101: Introduction to the University. Every U101 section does ~4 hours of service. The U101 program has a whole will celebrate their experience with an event open to all. … Read more