Practicums, Clinicals, and Internships (PCIs) as CE

We recognize the immense value of experiential learning in developing career readiness in our students. Seeking to celebrate and support this without duplicating the important work already being done by various units, we distinguish Community-Engaged PCIs from others per the following criteria:

  • professional experience in a workplace culture that is dedicated to community engagement (vs. primarily for profit)
  • overt communication with students about at least one NACE SLO with associated assessment

To be eligible for SL/CE funding, CE PCIs must also demonstrate guided reflection throughout the full course including:

  • active mentoring by both the instructor and community partner(s)
  • organized peer discussion with other interns in F2F or virtual venues

For more information visit our SL/CE Course Designation page and/or email Dave to get a personalized template for your application.